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3rd Trimester

Ugh, the worst feeling! (baby not moving)

So this evening, I could not feel LO move. For about 2 hours, which is very, very unlike her. I was trying everything. Drinking juice, laying on my side, drinking something hot/cold. I was thisclose to tears. It just really scared me. I literally got up to call my ob when BAM she kicked super hard. RELIEF!

But it made me realize how much I love her and want her here and I cannot believe how I would feel if something happened.

Anyone else had a scare like this? I am still a bit shaky about it.

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Re: Ugh, the worst feeling! (baby not moving)

  • Sometimes I feel like a horrible mom because one of them will be having a super active day and then at the end of the day I cant REMEMBER if I felt the other one  move or not...then I sit and poke at that one and try to wake them up...

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  • I am with you!! This usually happens when I'm up and moving around a ton during the day. I think my LO finds my movement soothing and falls asleep. He must be like his daddy cuz he is hard to wake up sometimes! He always comes through, but he sure can scare me. I'm glad your LO moved for you finally! Good luck and I hope she doesn't keep that up. It's not nice to scare mommy!


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  • I felt like that yesterday morning. I woke up on my belly and thought I squashed my baby girl somehow. She is usually active when I wake up and she never moved. I poked around and tried to wake her up. Nothing. I kinda freaked out and got out my doppler and thankfully found her heartbeat. A while after that she started moving a bit. Apparently she was deep sleeping, but it scared me to death. I haven't slept on my belly in months, so I don't know why I woke up like that. lol.
  • Last week I wasn't feeling LO for quite some time and, just like you, I couldn't get her to move after trying all the tricks.  I would feel her a little bit every couple of hours so I hadn't called the doctor yet and decided that I would call the doctor in the morning if I didn't feel her within the first hour that I was awake.  Well she definitely made up for the lack of movement... in fact she actually woke me up by moving so much.  She has been nonstop pushing and stretching ever since. 

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  • Didn't even know there were tricks to try and wake LO up.  Only when I go for an u/s does the technician have to move the wand over my stomach really hard and fast to wake her up.  I don't feel her all day or maybe even everyday but I know that just means she is deeply sleeping.  I was worried at first but my doctor says she has a hell of a strong heartbeat so if she doesn't move all that much don't worry.  I learned to stop because stress isn't good for the baby either.  What are some tricks to wake her up though?
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  • ::waving::  hi *finally2006*!!!!!!  so excited for you and your family for baby girl #2!! 
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  • My ob said to drink a glass of orange juice before the ultrasounds, both times LO was very active.  Hope this helps!
  • I was here wondering the samething on y my babies not moving. But reading your status kinda helped me feel alot better. I guess they move whe they wanna move. We cant expected it to happen all the time.



  • Yes! I know what you mean.  There have been days where this has actually brought me to tears.  I've had two miscarriages and although they were very early on in the pregnancies, it's still hard to keep my mind from going back there.  I'm 34 weeks now though.  I have noticed that my little guy will have a few really active days and then 1-2 less active days.  It still freaks me out but at least I've noticed a pattern.
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  • I HATE when she scares me like this! Which she is doing today by the way. I feel like gradually over the past week she keeps moving less. Our fridge broke on Fri and a new one will fiiinally be here tomorrow so I have nothing cold to drink to wake her up!

    If I still haven't felt her move by noon I'm calling my doc! I know she is super cramped in there but c'mon!

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    ::waving::  hi *finally2006*!!!!!!  so excited for you and your family for baby girl #2!! 

    Hey lady! Congrats to you as well :)


    Sorry many of been dealing with this fear! Yeah the tricks I heard are drinking juice, drinking something hot/cold, laying on your left side and jiggling the belly a bit. She also made up for lack of movement by keeping me up till 1am kicking up a storm. 

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