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Bedrest and Child Birth Classes?

Being on bed rest, I obviously can't go to any child birth classes. Is there anything that other bedresters have been doing to prepare themselves for child birth? I would like to have at least taken a lamaze class, do you think they have those type of vidoes on Youtube? Or that a youtube video would suffice for the real thing?
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Re: Bedrest and Child Birth Classes?

  • I've been learning about pregnancy and childbirth for years so I continue on with that.  I want to read as many natural birth books I can but still be prepared for complications, c-section recovery, etc.  At least bedrest gives you plenty of time to absorb things!  I also think if I make it far enough along I will at least do the childbirth class at the hospital so I know what their specific routines, expectations, offerings, etc are.  They do have DVDs available at my hospital so you might could rent that (I assume it's the same they show in the class, I just want to be able to ask questions too).  As far as Bradley and Lamaze ... IDK.  I know Bradley isn't available online but you might could find someone with a workbook you could look over or get the Bradley method birth book at a store or library.  What about hiring a doula?  They come to your house and could share probably everything that would be in a class. 
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  • I was on bed rest with my first, so DH and I rented the Laugh and Learn child birth class on DVD.
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  • I was on bedrest with my first and I could not go to class.  I really didn't do anything special - I felt pretty prepared (just from general knowledge and a little bit of reading) and the birth was fine.
  • Unless you are planning a natural child birth then I would say not to worry about child birth class. I went when I was pregnant with my first and it was a total waste of time. That being said I did not have a natural birth. I got the epidural at 3 cm and it was amazing. My labor was a piece of cake!
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  • Thank you ladies. I wasn't planning to go initally but the nurses during my stay at the hospital were all telling me what a good idea it was to go. The hospital does have a program running that I can watch about the basics too. I suppose I could always watch that when I'm in labor.
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  • imageCinco:
    I was on bed rest with my first, so DH and I rented the Laugh and Learn child birth class on DVD.

    I wasn't even on bedrest but chose to watch this dvd instead of attending a class.  DH and I watched it over the course of a week as it is broken up into 'classes'

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