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baby name undecided

I have posted on this board before about the same thing but now being down to the wire I need help.  I haven't really had any choices in mind being there are so very many to choose from.  So I figured I would leave it up to my boyfriend.  He told me though that since he has kids all girls just like ours will be the choice should be mine.  Okay I thought and then looking online I threw a few names his way.  Of course he vetoed every choice I sort of liked myself.  I told him to then come up with a choice and he came up with Isabelle spelled that way.  I figured not bad what the hell and that was it.  Now he says he likes Cecile.  I don't even know if I am spelling that correctly.  I have a middle in mind only because I want to honor my late grandmother which is Aurelia.  He doesn't even know about that yet because this is my first child I want some say in the matter.  I would put up a clicky poll but am not sure how to do that.  So I can only ask which you gals think is better. Isabelle Aurelia or Cecile Aurelia.  I would have used Aurelia as a fist name but all his girls names end with an A so I want to break that cycle.  Sorry for the long rant. TIA
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Re: baby name undecided

  • Love Cecile- gorgeous name!

  • I actually like Isabelle Aurelia best, but its really popular cause of Twilight, I think, and it would kinda suck if there were 10 other girls in your daughter's class with the same name as her. I guess, the only good thing about the name Isabelle is that it has lots of nn options.
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  • Personally I would avoid Isabelle like the plague.  It's way too popular and your daughter will grow up with tons of other Isabelles.  Cecile and its other versions- Cecilia, Cecily, etc. are beautiful!



  • I would choose Cecile
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    Love Cecile- gorgeous name!


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    Love Cecile- gorgeous name!




  • Cecile/Cecily Aurelia is beautiful!!


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  • Isabelle Aurelia
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  • Definitely Cecile! Such a gorgeous name. There are way too many Isabelle/Isabellas being born now
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  • Thanks for the insight and opinions gals.  I just found it so hard when I don't really have a choice in mind.  That is why when I had those two to choose from I needed some help.

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