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need 2nd birthday present ideas

I am terrible at picking out toys for H. Terrible. Everything I've ever lovingly researched and excitedly bought has been a flop, so I'm detemined to get it right this time but I obviously need help.

Anyone care to share what big toys were a super-duper hit with your kids about this age?

Some things I've considered:

Train table

Leapfrog Leaptop


Re: need 2nd birthday present ideas

  • DD loves her leaptop. She isn't a huge fan of her train table, although she loved them everywhere else we went :(

    Other gifts that DD has loved are her kitchen and accessories, slide/climber (we put it in our basement so she can play with it year round), Mr. Potato Head, play doh (her recent favorite thing!), art supplies (we will probably get her an easel for Christmas), a t-ball set, her water table, tent, and blocks of any kind.

    I definitely hear you on picking out presents... we seem to have the same problem! The kitchen was the first thing that we finally got right :)

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  • Mark is loving scooters right now.  Obviously he can only really use the 3 wheel kind right now.  My aunt has some and he is always on them when we're there.  He's getting one for christmas for our house.

    He got a cozy coupe for easter and loves that.  He's also a big fan of the bubble mower, ball pit, any size car or truck.

    My nephew (same age as DS) has a shake and go race track, DS loves that thing too.  

    He also enjoys a toy vacuum, shopping cart and ride on toys (we have a mickey mouse clubhouse airplane and handy manny car).  

    ETA: I know that DS would LOVE a train table. 

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  • We bought Hayden a Kiddizoom camera for his birthday. He LOVES that thing. He also got a toddler sized baseball set and a basketball set. It is the TotSports set from Little Tikes. He loves those as well but that might not be practical for this time of year depending on where you live.
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  • We got Jacob a tricycle and helmet for his birthday.  Its a good idea, but the execution needs some work since he has no idea that the handle bars steer the bike.  We're still working on it.

    He got a Leaptop for his birthday and he LOVES it.  Honestly - great gift!

    We would like to get him a train table, but we don't have the space for it right now with all the other crap he has.  But I think he would love it - he loves all the train tables he plays with (his cousin, other friends, etc).

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  • Duplo legos (especially the cars and toy story ones)

    Matchbox cars


    fridge phonics


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  • Buy a cheap kiddie blow up pool and get some ball pit balls. He will love it!
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  • Mega Blocks!
  • Pool noodles. Don't laugh. Just go to the dollar store, pick up 4, and give it a shot. Not to go to the pool with. For home play.

    You're welcome :)

  • Cal was WAY into his kitchen (we got this one b/c we didn't have much room).  He also had a tiny trike that was a gift for his 1st bday but he didn't really get into it until he was around 2.  He got a drumset for his 1st bday that he still loves and uses all the time.  I don't think they make it anymore, but this is a good substitute.  Lastly, this tool set was a big 2nd bday hit.
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  • Garrison loved her leaptop but it broke already.

    I went totally overboard with a ton of lower cost toys (because I bought her a bounce house that has actually been a flop but I think that is because it is too hot) I didn't buy one but think G would like an Easel. All food items are big with G as she loves to pretend to feed us.  Does he have a tricycle?



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  • Train set.  Don't do the table unless you think he'll like/use it a lot.  We got a starter set for Conor and I'm glad we did.  The novelty has worn off a bit. 

    Big wheel/trike.  He won't have the peddling and steering masterd until close to 3yo, but he can scoot it with his feet until then.

    Conor LOVES is t-ball set.  Plays baseball everyday without fail.  He also has a golf set and bowling set that he plays with a lot.  We also got him an adjustable basketball hoop that he plays with a lot.

    Conor was big into puzzles around his 2nd birthday and the months after. 

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    ...and she loves this bike/trike at my parents house.  We are getting her one for our house as a gift from her new brother. ;-)

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