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How would you pronounce Elise?

We had a miscarriage but still picking out names for our future babies we ttc in a month so I am getting excited again anyway we were stuck between Elise or Audrey for a girl. I think we came to the conclusion to use Elise but he pronounces it uh-lease and I pronounce it ee-lease



Re: How would you pronounce Elise?

  • I've only met one Elise, and she pronounced it "ee-lease". However, this is one of those names that will inevitably be pronounced a variety of ways. I wouldn't necessarily let that deter you from going with the name, but just something to keep in mind.

  • I say eh-lees, too.

    And I'm sorry for you loss. 

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss :(

    Looking at the name Elise I automatically say "Ah-leese"

    If that is the pronunciation you want why not spell it Alyse? Just a thought :)


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  • I use to work with an Elise, and I think it was easier just to call her Uh-lease, so that's what I would usually call her :).
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  • I'm not sure if you are wanting this kind of feedback, but this pronunciation issue is exactly why I vetoed the name Elise from our list.  My DH likes it, and tried to push it as a mn after I vetoed it as a fn.  I hate how everyone pronounces it differently. 
  • This might be my dd's name. I would pronounce it uh-leese or ay-leese but not ee-lise. I think it's really pretty and less common than other names I like.
  • Eh-leese is how I pronounce it.
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  • Neither...the one Elise I knew pronounced it eh-LEESE, like pp said.

    (very sorry to hear about your m/c :(

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