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XP: I think (and hope) that I found my doula.

She's coming over on Tuesday to meet with H and I, but so far I've loved everything I've heard/read/seen from her.  She's been at 4 VBACs with my OB and had nothing but praise for my OB in re: to being very hands off and letting the mom do what she needed to do to labor (which I was so relieved to hear) rather than imposing and trying to force certain things to happen.  She said that she never even heard my OB say the word "c-section" during those births.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am.

I don't know that I'm necessarily going to attempt a natural birth - I think I will most likely end up with at least a walking epidural, but I want the doula there to help me with my goal of VBAC.  I've been afraid of ending up in L&D for hours upon hours and then having my OB (or some other doc if mine can't be there) try to talk me into a c-section because things are taking too long and they want to go home. I know several women that this has happened to, and they all say the same thing - "I was tired, overwhelmed, and emotional, and I gave in to the doctors, and now I regret it and wish I would've tried longer for the vaginal birth."  I do NOT want that to happen to me. If a c/s is medically necessary, fine, but I don't want a dr trying to talk me into it and make me think that it's necessary when it isn't.  I feel like a doula can really help me and be there to support me should this happen.
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Re: XP: I think (and hope) that I found my doula.

  • Congrats on finding your doula.  I had mine all lined up to go and then she had a family emergency and had to back out.  :(  We're FTP and at this point, we're going to wing it and hope we can use her next time.
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  • that's awesome!  We have hired a doula for our birth and couldn't be more excited about her.  I am going for a VBAC too and cannot wait to push my baby out!  Good luck to you.
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