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All this time it was the...

Bedroom door. I don't know if you may remember my post a few weeks ago about L being scared and screaming in the middle of the night. She would freak out and CIO for hours. She would only sleep with us. We tried everything. We resorted to taking her mattress out of the crib and sleeping next to her. It was a disaster. We tried night lights. Didn't work. Put her back in the crib and that sort of worked. Tried more CIO. We tried the fan. Then one night this week my DH put his pillow case on her pillow and left her bedroom door open. It was like a magic switch was flipped. I sat in her rocker until she was asleep. I think I have a sleeper again. But she won't sleep with her door shut. I wish we figured that out sooner. Anyway, I thought I would update y'all in case it works for someone else.
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  • I'm so glad you were able to find something that worked. Hopefully it sticks and you're back to normal sleeping again!
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
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  • Glad you figured it out.  I meant to share with y'all that Tess will get upset during the night sometimes and we finally figured that it is the motion detection light in our hallway.  It blinks red if you walk in front of it and she sets if off if she gets out of her bed.

    I'm currently trying to convince her it is like rudolph the red nose reindeer but she isn't buying it. 

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