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Boiron Camilia anyone?

Anyone use this teething remedy?  I haven't seen it here on TB, but it got awesome reviews on amazon and it does not have belladonna in it... and I can't find anything negative about it on the goog.

Re: Boiron Camilia anyone?

  • I've heard great things - but honestly for us it doesn't seem to do a whole lot.  Coryzalia (also by Boiron) is awesome for stuffy/runny noses, though!  I always give that to my girls when they have colds.
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  • We use it.  It seems to help DS for a little while, and he enjoys chewing on the individual plastic containers.  I guess they are just the right size for him.  If he's really bad though, I just stick with the Ibuprofen.  The Camilia only seems to work for 30 minutes or so.  I keep a few packed in the diaper bag in case they are hurting while we're out, and I'll use them before bedtime if I think he'll be able to sleep through the pain once he's asleep.
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  • i work for a chiropractor so i use it quite often for my daughter while she's teething.  when she's really bad she gets it every hr. but if she seems to be doing ok she gets it 3x a day. i dilute one pellet in 4oz of water and give her about 2 syringes if it.  when she seems to be 70% better is when i am told to stop.

    for stuffiness, gas, fever, and cold-like symptoms during teething i use arcinicum (the same way i use the chamomilla).  

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