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Those who used Ferber

Ike still cries when I first lay him down but settles down and goes to sleep within 5minutes, does this ever stop?
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Re: Those who used Ferber

  • My son does the same thing and has for about a month. On rare occassions he goes to sleep without a peep. I don't see it going away anytime soon.
  • I think some babies just cry to release tension. If he's only crying 5 minutes then it's probably just something he'll grow out of eventually.
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  • DS goes through phases where he does that.  Then he stops for a while, then does it again for a week...rinse, repeat.  It's probably only about 2 minutes though before he chills out and starts babbling to himself.

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  • DD eventually got to the point where she no longer cried. She just whimpers a bit (about 3-4 minutes) and passes out. It took almost a month for her to stop crying for short amounts of time.
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  • Our daughter Zoe will maybe and I mean maybe make a little noise when we first lay her down, but the moment she gets her stuffed animal all is quiet! When we were first doing the ferber method, Zoe would fuss for like 5 mins but after a while it stopped...


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  • abs05abs05 member
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    We did Ferber for naps.  She almost always goes down without a peep.
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  • We used the Ferber method here.  In the begining she would cry those five minutes or less.  Now she lays right down and never picks her head up.  It may or may not pass, but I wouldnt worry about it becuase it is only 5 min :-)

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