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if you were to have...

twin girls, what would you name them? (without your significant other's input)

& what if your S/O could name one & you could name one?

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Re: if you were to have...

  • DS would probably be on board with these names- Pilar & Mariana. MNs are too hard for me to think of now.

    I don't think DS would throw in a name that would surprise me. However, we were just talking the other night about what would happen if we had twin boys. I thought we would use our long-term chosen boy name for twin #1 and our second choice boy name for twin #2, but DH thought we should use our chosen boy mn (from when we were team green) for twin #2. It really threw me for a loop!

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  • Gioia Elizabeth and Lydia Jane. Monsieur is in agreement and, in fact, if we have girls in the future, these will be their names. 
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  • Me:  Hazel and Annaliese

    Me and DH:  Hazel (mine)  Alexis (DH)


    Can you tell we have slightly different tastes? 

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  • Mine: Isla Carmen & Neve Dahlia

    One Mine and one His: Isla Carmen and Savannah Reese 

     Boys are a totally different story, though. We hardly agree on anything!

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  • Evelyn & Annaliese



  • Lydia Helen & Phoebe Claire or Lydia Marie & Phoebe Lynn. All middle names are family names.

    If DH could name one he'd probably name her Carly or Jocelyn. 

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  • Gwendolyn Michelle and Stella Elizabeth

    He would probably go with Stella Ingrid(or swapped) and I'd stick with Gwen. 


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • Hmmm. Great question :)

    Lucia Isabella and Ella Katherine


    Piper and Harper, but I'm not sure of middle names for those two :)


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  • With or without him the names would be the same: Madeline and Layla.


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  • If it were just me naming them - Georgiana Elizabeth and Ella Matilda

    If he named one and I named one - (DH) Matilda Elizabeth and (Me) Georgiana Natalie



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  • Charlotte Corinne and Evelyn Sophia.  

     And we basically each got one to name.  Evelyn was named for my DH's grandmother.  He wanted to name the other girl Sophia, but I didn't want it as a first name, so it's her middle.

     Charlotte was the name I chose (with DH's input) and Corinne was my grandmother's name.  

    If I had a second set of girl twins, they'd be Greta and Iris.  If DH chose a name, it would be would probably be Margaret or Clara.  




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  • erinmserinms member

    Poppy and Wren, and we agree on this.

  • Mine: Eliana Kate and Harper Grace

    His: Eliana Riley and Cecilia Adele 

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  • Me: Susanna and Elizabeth

    Sarah and Elizabeth 


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  • Hmm... Lucinda (Lucy) Blair & Ivy Johanna.

    No clue on DH's preference bc he won't talk girl names. He is convinced we'll have a boy next time (and I hope we have another girl to spite him).

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  • Just me: Violet Elise and Alice Pearl

    DH and I: Audrey Pearl and Rosalie Honor


  • If it were me: Emilia Marie and Rosalie Lucia.  If it were both us us: I would stick with Emilia Marie and he would probably some Greek or Roman Goddess.  
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  • I would have Merik Noel and Marie-Adele Rose

    DH would have a Jasmine Mae 

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  • Holy siggy.

    With no input from DH, they'd be Ainsley Morgan and Meredith Noelle.

    ETA: If we each named one, they'd probably be Kayla something (DH) and Ainsley Morgan (me)

    If we had to work together for both, they'd be Morgan Ainsley and probably Meredith something, but not Noelle.

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  • Me: Diana Jane and Cecilia June

    Both: Cora June and Tessa Jane

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  • What I would name twins usually depends on my flavor of the week/month/year, I guess. DH and I agree on names for the most part. We have pretty similar tastes.

    Twin Girls: Blythe Sophia and Tessa Kay

    (Not everyone's cup of tea, I realize.)


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  • Lol, DH and I were just joking about this yesterday.  Not quite sure how we got there but in our hypothetical situation we had quadruplets:  2 boys and 2 girls.

    Anyway, without his input I'd go with:  Magdalene Rose and either Grace Rebekah or Annabelle Grace.

    DH:  Margaret Ann

    me:  Grace Rebekah (kind of makes it an easy pick then because having one with a MN of Ann and one with a FN of Annabelle would be ridiculous).


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  • 1. Seraphine Rose and Aurora Helen

    2. My DH LOVES Seraphine Rose but he does not like Aurora and I'm not really sure of another girl name he'd like. =(

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  • Fun question. I have three sets of twin girl names I thought of and both sets incorporate family names in some way.

    Vida Estelle and Rose Wynn

    Bianca Lynn and Greta Laken

    Rose Bettina and Nola Ruby

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  • by myself:  Letitia Celestine and Phillipa Clarice

    one each:  Mary-Eleanor Catherine (me) and Kathleen Holley (him) (all are family names for each of us)

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  • 1.) Morgan Elisabeth & Hannah Claire

    2.) Morgan Elisabeth & Ella Grace


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  • Me: Carissa Eve and Aurora Katherine

    it was hard enough to get DH to talk names while we were actually expecting a girl, he liked 'dated' names, possibly Meghan Roberta would be his pick.


  • Fiona Magdalena and Aileen Bernadette

    Margaret Victoria & Elizabeth Bernadette

    Married 9-4-04

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  • Kathleen Francis (NN Kate) and Mary Claire (NN Molly).  I'd probably pick the same names on my own since they are all family names.  
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  • Violet Catherine and Amelia Christine
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  • Cara Jolene and Mallory Jane

    Elsa and Cara

    * DS1...allergic to dairy, peanuts, eggs and turkey *
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  • oooh- fun question.  Without considering my DH's input, my twins would be Annika and Cecelia or Daphne, and boys would be Felix and Archie.  If my DH and I were naming one, my choices would be Annika and Felix.  My DH would probably choose Elise for a girl and Henry for a boy.
  • Natalie Geneva and Amelia Suzanne - my picks

    Amelia Suzanne and Erin Anne (which is funny because that was one of the name combos my mother considered for me.)

    Cole Joseph 7/05/07

    Nora Anne 11/03/12
    9lbs, 6oz
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  • My DH and I agree on Palmer Hope and Harper Faith :)
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  • I would name them Elisabeth Katherine and Anna Faith.  If DH named 1 it would be Elisabeth Katherine and Lilith Roberta (Lily).
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  • Adele Patricia and Corrina Louise or Caroline Louise.

    DH and I agree on both of these names, we have the exact same taste, thankfully...except boy names are a bit more difficult as he is SUPER picky.

    Edited to add:  Caroline Louise.

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  • Emma Marie and Audrey Elizabeth
  • Gioia Christine Elisabeth &

    Natalie Ellena


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  • Elizabeth Grace (Libby) and Mary Catherine (Mary Cate)

    If we have another daughter or another set of twins that happen to be girls, these are the top contenders.

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  • Ha, with a 3 week old right now, the thought of twins completely stresses me out!

    (But naming them would be fun.)

    Me: Alba and Serafina

    Both: ...probably Evangeline or Sophia and Serafina

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