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our lo loves the pool but the swimming diapers are huge on her since the smallest is for 16 lbs and she is at most 11 1/2. have you tried swimmis by bummis and did you like them? i heard they run big but i figure a small will last us a long time... tia for any input!
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  • I just use a small monkey doodlez.  Pretty much any cd that fits well will work I think.  I like the monkey doodlez as a swim dipe because they are an all in one.
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  • We have the Swimmis by Bummis but haven't tried them yet... the salesperson said I can fold/accordian the front down a bit to make it a little more snug if they are big and then velcro.
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  • We have an iPlay reusable swim diaper - size small is supposed to fit 10-18 lbs. Maybe that would be an option for you? It fits our 14 lb DD perfectly and seems like it will definitely still fit when she gains another 2-3 lbs. iPlay also makes swim suits with the swim diaper part built in, which I think would be super handy, so we ordered one of those but don't have it yet to try it out.
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  • We have the iPlay too. They fit my LO great and have since he was about 12 pounds.
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  • We just use an old bummi's superbrite cover. Although, its starting to not fit anymore :(
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    Good luck to all my BFF TTGP Chatty Ladies!
  • We just take the insert out of the bumgenius 4.0 - works great! :)
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    We have one of these in a small (11-17 lbs) and it works great.  I think we started using it when he was about 12 lbs (is now 14 lbs).  We love it.  They make a newborn size as well (9-13 lbs). 

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  • We have an Applecheeks swim diaper in size 1 (7-20 lbs).  It works/fits her really well.
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