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I have been looking for a bookcase for my son's nursery and cannot find the one we are looking for.  I actually saw the exact one that we have been looking for at my dentist's office, but forgot to ask them where they got it.  I am on every website imaginable and cannot find it!  It looked like an Ikea-type, but they didn't have it on their website.  I am looking for a 4-sided rotating bookcase that holds small books on the top and larger ones on the bottom.  There are little dowels that hold them on the shelves.  We also wanted there to be a top to act as a little table for us to use when we are rocking him in the glider.  Does anyone have anything similiar or any other suggestions?  TIA!

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Re: Bookcase

  • I'm guessing that the one you saw at your Dr. office was a commercial product, which is why you would have trouble finding it at a regular store.

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  • Is it this one? In any case, I googled "commercial rotating magazine rack" to find that, hope that helps.



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  • If it was commercial, you might want to look at Community Play Things or Discount School Supply online.  Both of these companies supply a lot of stuff to childcare centers and that kind of sounds like where it might be from. 
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