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is there any scientific fact that 2nd time pregnancies means you'll deliver later or that girls will deliver later than boys. DS delivered at 37w4d, this time i'm hoping that I can make it to 38wks and I am so sick and tired of people telling me that because it's my 2nd time pregnancy or i'm having a girl that i will deliver later (like 40 wks). Seriously! 

I don't even know why this is bothering me so much, most things people say don't even bother me but this does. What's your experience with this or what have you heard?




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  • I heard 2nd time is supposed to go earlier... The fact is, every pg is different! Baby comes when baby comes.
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    I heard 2nd time is supposed to go earlier... The fact is, every pg is different! Baby comes when baby comes.

    This.  DD came exactly one week early.  I'm having a boy this time so who knows.  I would take what people say and put it in the same category as people guessing the gender based on your stomach shape and how you carry.  When PG with DD people used to insist I was having a boy because of my stomach shape.  I actually got a bit paranoid after a while until my mom commented on how she looked just like me when PG with me.  So, I chose to believe technology and genetics over OWTs!

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  • There is no way of knowing when one will come, compared to the other. There is just no way of knowing how one pregnancy will turn out.  I was born two weeks early, and my sister was born two weeks late.  My DS1 was born four days late, and DS2 was born on his due date.

    And I really don't think anybody can tell when they'll come, going on gender.  It's like rolling the dice. You just have to see what happens. : ) 

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  • if anything, i've heard the opposite, that they'll come sooner. but even that's not always the case. ds#1 was born at 38wks5d, and no sign of ds#2 yet. i've never heard anything about the sex of the baby determining if they'll arrive early/late
  • My mom went 3 weeks late with both of my brothers, but she went 4 weeks early with me.
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  • I don't think there is any literature supporting the notions. 

    Anecdotal: I was my mom's third and only late baby.  

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  • There is absolutely nothing that can tell you a second baby will deliver sooner or later. The myth I have heard says girls are actually born sooner than boys. I am not a believer. FTR, DS was born at 40w6 while all my friends having girls delivered way before they due date. Also myth, second pregnancies result in earlier babies but I know plenty of people going later or late with their second.
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  • Both mine were EXACTLY 7 days late .. I had one of each. So for me this isn't true. I've always heard second (third, etc) babies usually come earlier but it obviously wasn't true for me.
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