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xp: moms that had GD

Did you lose weight during pregnancy? I'm not going to lie about my weight.  Before pregnancy, I weighed 225.  At delivery I weighed 245.  I weighed myself 2 weeks pp, and I was 210.  I was shocked!  I do (and many others) notice that my stomach is a lot flatter, but I didn't think I'd lose that much weight during pregnancy.  I didn't realize it and didn't think that's good to do during pregnancy.


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Re: xp: moms that had GD

  • I won't lie either lol. In fact I have my OB card here with all my weights. First appt was 2/11/10 at 248. Dropped down to 236 through 5/4/10. Slowly gained and was 251 at delivery. Only lost about 10 lbs after delivery which was just fine. This time around, different story. Insulin has not only let me eat more crap than last time, but my educator told me I would gain weight because of it too. So I have gained around 35, and trying not to gain anymore because I am really uncomfortable.
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  • I started pregnancy at 248, I got down to 219, and by delivery I was 245.  10 weeks PP I am 205. 

    I had the worst morning sickness this time around, plus I was extremely careful about my diet, and by the end I not only had to eat a diabetic diet, I had to also eat a low sodium diet for my blood pressure so my last few weeks I didn't have many choices of food. Right after I had her I was put back on metformin which makes you crap your brains out the moment you eat something high in sugars or carbs so that helps with losing weight too.

    DS was a different story.  

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  • I was 178 pre-preg and so far am down 5lbs.

    With DS2 I started at 178 and gained 17lbs until my diagnosis at 28wks.  From that point on, I gained and lost one or two between appts and at delivery was still at +17lbs.

    My ob doesn't worry about weight gain/loss as long as the uterus and baby are growing as they should.

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  • 1st pregnancy- 115 to start, delivered at 122.  Lost weight pretty quickly.  I remember weighing myself in Hawaii at 10 weeks post partum and I was down to 97 lbs.  My lowest was 94 lbs, but I was able to put a few pounds back on before this pregnancy. This pregnancy- started at 97 and I now weigh 106.
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  • I was 165 pre-pregnancy, and I lost about 5 during the first trimester.  I gained 25 pounds during the second tri and then was diagnosed with GD.  Lost 5 pounds and now am 185.  My guess is that after I deliver, it won't be long before I get below my pre-pregnancy weight.  The BABY has grown and stuff, but I really haven't gained any weight during the third trimester so I'm hoping it's "all baby"... time will tell! 

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  • With DS, I lost 15 lbs, then put on 25 at the end(+10 total), but I was REALLY swelling there at the end.  And at 6 week check, I was 25 less than when I started.  This time, I have lost 6 so far, and doc basically told me that at my weight(quite a bit more than ya'll), that small-moderate weight loss is OK, and actually a good thing, as long as baby keeps on track.  Baby will take what he/she needs;0)  My nutritionist said that as long as i eat the carbs I am supposed to, it won't affect baby.  I start insulin tonight and I am TERRIFIED of weight gain!!!!!!
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  • OK! Sounds like we're all doing great!  Loving the weight loss!


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  • I gained 29 pounds over 40 weeks 3 days. As of yesterday I have lost 20 of those pounds just through birth/breastfeeding (I guess? I sure haven't moved off the couch!)
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