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GD: Question about what I eat


I'm new to GD and have been testing for one day.  The dietitian had some specific guidelines all hinging on number of calories that equal a starch or veggie etc.  I'm allowed 6 starches a day, and so forth.  So, my question is, if I go over my allowances but still keep my numbers in check, is that ok?!  (I'm within the weigh range guidelines.)  Yesterday I tried to stay within her ranges and was starving all day. For breakfast I tried a whole (woo hoo) English muffin with peanut butter and was 115 two hours later.  Last night I had a cup of ice cream as a snack and my faster number was good.  Is my main goal just to keep my sugars within range or am I missing a piece of this picture?



Re: GD: Question about what I eat

  • Are you monitoring ketones, too?  If you start have small (or more) amounts of ketones, then no you're not getting enough food and that's something to talk to the nutritionist about.  I've found that the first 3-4 days of the diet were tough and I felt hungry a lot BUT my ketone levels were good.  After those 3-4 days I was feeling a lot less hungry as I adjusted to eating less than I usually do.

    They do tell me that if I feel hungry, to add more protiens, fats or veggies to my diet.  That usually helps.  Maybe for breakfast you could add an egg?


    Sorry you're so hungry  :(

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  • I haven't been told to monitor ketones yet.  I added more starches to keep from being so hungry and I was ok after breakfast.  I just wanted to make sure it was safe for the babe and me to do that - as long as I hit my numbers.
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  • Honestly, I haven't counted carbs at all.  I monitor my blood sugar, and it has always been good (I'm down to testing 3 days a week).  So, my theory is that as long as my numbers are good, what I'm eating must be working.  (and that includes snack size candy bars during the day and 1/4 cup of ice cream at night... BTW, my weight gain has also been low - 16 lbs and I was a normal BMI to start with)
  • I only roughly count my carbs. I go by what my numbers tell me. Different things work for different people. I could have 15g of carbs in fruit form in the morning and my numbers would be sky high, but if I eat 25 g of carbs in the form of a whole wheat english muffin, I'm right on target.

    As long as your numbers are good, I think its about finding out what works the best for you. 

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  • imageExpectantSteelerFan:
    I haven't counted calories at all either.  I stay within my carb allowance (although only 6 servings all day seems really small to me, I can have 1-2 with each meal or snack, and 3-4 with my bedtime snack), and then if I'm still hungry I add things like veggies, lunchmeat, or cheese/cottage cheese. 

    6 servings seems really small to me too. I can have 2 at breakfast, 3 at lunch, 4 at dinner and 1-2 for each snack. (1 serving being about 15grams of carbs)

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  • I go by the numbers.  My weight gain has been in check, too.  I haven't gained anything since 30 weeks and I'm almost 40 now! 

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  • Hmmm... 6 per day does sound low, but what about your protein and fat servings?  If you're still really hungry, I would suggest adding more protein--eggs, meat, dairy, nuts, etc.
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  • I had a similar question and asked my doctor about portions.  I told her that I was eating a lot more than the nutritionist advised because I was getting so hungry.  But, when my doctor reviewed by BS numbers, she said that was fine.  That what she really is monitoring is how my body processes the sugars/carbs so as long as my BS readings are good, then there isn't a need to worry.  (Well, my BS numbers being good and not gaining too much weight.)

    So, I would ask your doctor at your next appointment.

  • Thanks everyone!  It's definitely on my list of questions to ask.  I see the nutritionist again this week and I can ask her.  I see the doc a week from Wed. and I will ask her.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't "cheating" or something in the meantime.  My numbers have been good so I'm going to cross my fingers and go with it.
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