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How's this for a boy name?



Ahh, my husband thinks he's funny. 



FTR, yes he was joking, he's been in the Army far too long. Hi, I'm Sam. We're not pregnant yet(m/c last month) but I could look at baby names all day so I may stick around if y'all don't mind. I think we're pretty set on both a boy name and girl name but I still love seeing others choices. Plus I want to make sure ours don't get too popular. Big Smile


CJ 05/29/2013

Re: How's this for a boy name?

  • Too funny! Welcome! There are a lot of us on this board who are not pregnant yet, or who have already had kids and just like discussing names. Regarding popularity, you should check out the SSA website if you haven't already.
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  • Thanks! I do use that one.  I'm sad the Twilight made Isabella so popular, it's such a fantastic name.  I'm a little worried b/c Jameson is our #1 boy name and it's gaining popularity. But I'm not too concerned. 


    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • e_deloe_delo member
    Gunsmoke is def. unique, but I think of a girl when I hear it! LOLWink
  • Welcome!  I lurked on the Miscarriage board after a miscarriage about 18 months ago, and started going to the 1st/2nd tri boards after I got pregnant.  I discovered the Baby Name board and I LOVE it!!  My DH and I already have names picked out- I'm 33 weeks along, but I still like seeing what other people are naming their kids and offering my opinion :) 
  • That reminds me of two names my husband offered Smile

    Jack Daniels
  • lol I just yelled to DH how about the name gunsmoke, he said I love it thats cool! ahhh men LOL
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