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GD - How do you handle others when the delay your eating?

Like, for example, my IL's have zero concept of time management and when I show up at their house for a planned dinner at 6pm... we don't eat till 8 or 9?  (This happens at least once a week)!

 My doc really wants me to try eating at normal times (because before the GD stuff I was HORRIBLE with that.. sometimes going 8-12 hours all day without eating).

I've tried to nicely approach them about it, and I get laughed at.  And I get snarky looks if I dig myself a snack out of the fridge or something LOL

Obviously I'm going to do what I need to do for my health.. but I was wondering if anyone had a better way to make it sink in with them and DH (because he's just as bad... he promised me lunch at work at 11am.. and its 12:45... and he's a no show as of yet!)

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Re: GD - How do you handle others when the delay your eating?

  • As much as family and friends say they are willing to accommodate you,  I think it is really hard for them to grasp how important it is that you stick to your schedule and so you just need to take matters into your hands and if that means possibly offending someone, then so be it. I don't let myself feel guilty about it.

    My DH is horrible with schedules- especially when it comes to meals since he basically eats when he's hungry and it never really coincides with when I'm hungry... and this is before the GD.  A few weeks ago we were really pushing the limit of when I should eat and take the insulin because of him...I wound up having a pretty high blood sugar reading.  I'm not proud of it, but I basically told him it was his fault and that it was really important that I eat and take the insulin when I need to and that he needs to be better about sticking to my schedule.  It helped somewhat- but I found that I still need to be prepared (i.e. bring enough food for me to eat when we go out just in case) and basically not trust his sense of timing (i.e. we'll be home by x time...that NEVER happens).

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  • I would pack my own dinner and eat it at the time I'm supposed to be eating. If they can't be considerate or respect that you're on a special diet, then that's their problem. When they're ready to have dinner, I'd sit at the table and just nibble at something (maybe that can be your after dinner snack?). If you don't want to eat anything, I'd still sit at the table with everyone and just have my drink or something.

    I have GD also and I know how tough it is to figure out my meals and times and to plan ahead, let alone try to accommodate other people's schedules or deal with their lack of respect. 




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  • I agree with the previous poster. I'd just bring my own food, eat when I should and keep them company during their dinner whenever they get around to it!
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  • I make sure I always have decent snacks on hand in situations like that. Let them give you dirty looks, you have to do what you have to do to take care of yourself and the baby.
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  • I would bring my own dinner and eat it on time... or have them over to your house.  Just tell them it's not optional... you have to eat on a time schedule.

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  • My IL's eat really late, every single night. We lived with them for awhile and I hated their meal schedule. Not much I could have done though.

    Now, I make sure what I need (and baby) comes first. When making plans to dine with others, I just let them know I have to eat between this time and this time. If that works for them, great!

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  • I would just bring snacks or eat an early dinner.
  • I carry the meal size Glucerna bars and a ziploc of mixed nuts.  If I get hassled, I tell them my BS is low and don't wanna pass out- it's not good for me or the baby.  If they're making you wait two hours and you get there and it looks like it'll be two hours, eat your "snack" and have something at dinner, but watch the carbs... 
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