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We finally have a boy name!!!

We finally have a boy name!!!
I was getting worried because I'm 30 weeks, and we couldn't come up with a name. We finally found one we like!! Jack Thomas  We love the name Jack...it goes well with our last name (its a hard to spell and pronounce name). Plus its my Great Grandfather's name. Our name book says 'Jack' is a form of Jacob and John. (John is my Dad's name). All the first born sons on my husband's side have Thomas in their name....so that's where the Thomas is from.   Do you like it?

Re: We finally have a boy name!!!

  • Sounds very strong.  I like it.
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  • Lovely combination. Plus I like family connections.
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  • I LOVE the name Jack and Jack Thomas sounds great!

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  • I love it!
  • Very nice.

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  • I really do love it! I taught a boy who had this name, and he was smart and nice! He went by JT, but great choice!
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  • Great news! Congratulations! :)


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  • Great name!!  Very strong and masculine.  Congrats!
    ?Dana B.
  • Cute name!
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  • Love it!

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  • Love it!Big Smile
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