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Sippy Cups?

So, DS is 9 months and still barely uses his sippy cup. I am nervous that he won't really take a cup. I have been giving it to him since 6months. I am planning on putting all bottles away on his 1st Birthday(as instructed by our pedi). How did you get your LOs to use a sippy cup? I only give water so far. TIA!
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Re: Sippy Cups?

  • My LO has 4 bottles of formula per day. My pedi suggested replacing one of those bottles w/ a sippy cup of formula every day. In another month or so - replace 2 bottles and so on. My LO uses one pretty good, and I did the cup instead of a bottle for her mid afternoon formula and it worked pretty well. Just takes practice! :)
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  • Have you tried a few different kinds?  We have one kind with a straw (can't think of the brand name) that I can barely get anything out of.  She refused to use that one because she couldn't get anything but she uses others just fine.  I have a water bottle with a straw top for myself and my LO loves that one and it is really easy for her to get the water out. 

    Maybe even try a regular cup.  When we're outside, we let her drink out of a regular cup and sure, she spills but she gets the concept and is able to drink out of it.  I know it would be hard to make this a permanent solution but at least if he gets the cup concept, he might take better to the sippy.

    I would just keep offering it to him and maybe try a few different kinds.  I'm sure he'll catch on! 

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  • I have had issues with LO and sippy cups too... We have tried a number of different ones to get him to take one but he still doesnt have much intrest in it.  DS is EB and he has gotten one bottle a day with his vitamins since he was born so we have tried to use that feeding to replace his bottle with a sippy cup.  This isn't going too well so we don't force the issue.  We start out the feeding with a cup and sometimes he will take it some times not so much.  If we cant get him to take it (if hes tired whatever) we pour the milk into a bottle.  Also we bought the expensive cups (my first sipster etc) and he had a hard time getting anything out of these.  We now use the throw and go cups and these work perfectly as he has to suck a little to get something out, they dont leak when thrown on he floor and are super cheap!  Good luck and take it little by little your LO will catch on.
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  • My LO was the same way. I just got the Nuk training cup:

    It is the only sippy cup he will drink out of. I think it is because the nipple is so similar to the nipple on a bottle. It also might just be the water. My LO doesn't like to drink water out of it, but will drink his formula.

  • It's not that big of a deal if your LO doesn't take a sippy.  Both of my girls never took a sippy until they were older (around 15 months) and then it had to be the kind with a straw.   So, they've never had anything but water in sippies.   Formula and milk were given to them in a regular cup.
  • My girls actually like drinking out of a regular cup better than a sippy. Of course they can't carry it around or drink out of it by themselves..

    It took us buying a couple of different kinds of sippys before I found one that the girls would semi-drink out of.

  • I tested a few to see what she would use. 

    There is an "intro" Nuk sippy cup that is similar to their bottles. It has a thing that you can clip into that gives it handles on the side. We started using that early on/first. She took to that very quickly because it was similar to her bottle.

    Later, I tried a straw sippy and she didn't know how to use that. We also tried the "tilty cup" which I got on amazon. That was great because she didn't have to tilt it and the water would come out.

    We also were given another sippy cup with handles on the side. She loves that one and drinks out of it great.

    In the last few weeks, we've moved to the Nuby sippy cups and she drank an entire "bottle" out of it.

    We really started with water in them to get her used to drinking out of them and then made the transition to formula in it.  

    I suggest trying a few different things to see what works for him.  

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  • I only let DS drink out of a regular cup. Once he gets the hang of that I'll let him use a sippy cup. But keep trying, he'll get the hang of it eventually.
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  • We use the Playtex straw trainer sippy cups. My DS never grasped the idea of picking up a sippy and tipping it to drink. He figured out the straw cup immediately and can drink out of any cup that has a straw now!

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  • Thanks so much ladies! I am going to pick up a sippy cup w/straw. I really like the idea of putting breastmilk or formula in the cup too! I am hoping switching things up will helpSmile
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  • We started with the soft top sippy cups that are much like a bottle nipple. I gave DD something in a cup with each meal but then also offered her a bottle after when she was first getting used to the cup. I also always kept a cup full of ice water out on the table were she could reach it. She eventually just started taking it. We have been bottle free for 2 weeks almost 3 weeks in our house now. Prior to that from 9-11 months we were sippy cups during the day and bottles for nap and bedtime.
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