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Cloth Diapering

Talk to me about CDing

I am very interested in cloth diapering. Everytime I empty the diaper genie, it makes me ashamed to think about all the dozen upon dozen sposies I am putting into landfills.

Tell me what I need to know about it.

How many do I need? where do I get them? how do I wash them? do they come in different sizes? what do you do for on-the-go diaper changes?



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Re: Talk to me about CDing

  • Here's the FAQ the board created.

    Also, I find this post from the Eco Friendly Family blog to be helpful. 


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  • I like the site  It has a lot of helpful info about washing and such.
  • Thank you for the resources! I will get started on my research!
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  • The FAQ will answer a lot about types. They come sized or one size. Most people gave to buy online, but you can try googling for a local CD store (typically boutique type places) so you can see some in person.

    For traveling we pack a few diapers, some cloth wipes, a squirt bottle of water and a wetbag (zippered bag made with PUL, a waterproof fabric). I actually have a very tiny diaper bag and can bring up to 6 diapers with me.

  • There's a review sheet in my siggy with many brands reviewed.

    Check out "Cloth Diapering 101" on YouTube.

    It's really not hard. A few extra loads of laundry.

  • My son is 7 months and I just decided to start CDing too. The ladies above posted some great sites to get you started. I haven't officially started yet b/c I'm still waiting for some diapers and my laundry detergent to arrive, but so far I have (or have bought)  5 Blueberry pockets, 2 Swaddlebee Simplex AIO, BumGenius Elemental AIO, Best Bottoms hybrid system, GroVia AIO and hybrid. My son will still be in sposies at daycare, so I'm thinking about 14 CD's should be enough for us (he goes to DC every other day). Good luck!!
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