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Name our car

Since DD is already named (and I think we are one & done), I'll stick to naming pets and vehicles.

Yesterday we got this:


White with beige interior. I'm pretty sure she has a female spirit. Since it's a Volvo, I'm looking for a feminine, Swedish name.

Hit me :)


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Re: Name our car

  • Dahlia, Bibi, Becka, Vada, Saskia, Karina, Gunilla.
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  • OOooooo Cool car Yo ! I likey.~

    Karita, Tova, Alva, Lis, Viveka

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  • Ooh, you could use my favorite Swedish girl name: Lovisa

    I also love: Brigitta, Elva, Greta, Kajsa, Lisbet, Teresia, Tilda, Tova

    Carita is also Swedish. Although it isn't my favorite for a human, it seems to fit your new baby... although... non-name-nerds won't get it, and they'll think you were just being super literal.

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    Beautufil car! 

    I like pp suggestion of Elva. 

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  • I have the same car...mine has black interior her name is Alma

  • I have the same one!  Mine is Barents Blue with black interior though.  I just got back from Sweden, where I got to meet her for the first time, and now she's on the boat heading over.

    I scoured Behind The Name's Swedish list to find a name for her and eventually decided on Tuva.

    Some others I considered: Ulla, Thora, Signy, Dagny (means new day, which is kind of nice)

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  • Ha! Three BN regs with the same car - it must be for smart people ;-)

    I really like either Veda or Dagny..hrmm. 


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  • Nice! In high school, a friend of mine named her car Brutus - after Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. :)

    As for names... what do you think of Freja/Freya? (Fray-uh)



    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: Norse Mythology

    Pronounced: FRAY-ah  [key]

    From Old Norse Freyja meaning "lady". This is the name of the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology. She claimed half of the heroes who were slain in battle and brought them to her realm in Asgard.

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