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I'm so touched and feeling awfully lucky

I come from a complicated family background and have a much closer relationship with my mom's 2nd husband (now divorced) than either my bio-dad or her current husband. He's since remarried to a wonderful woman. 

His wife was in town this weekend and I took my girls up to see her for breakfast. Not only did she give each of them a gift and $5, she gave the baby a gift and handed me $5 for Jellybean's piggy bank. I almost started to cry. This woman has known me for 2 years and has been kinder to my family than my own biological parents.

As soon as we left, we stopped by Target and bought the baby a piggy bank and his first "deposit" from his Grandpa and Aunt T has been made. :D  


Re: I'm so touched and feeling awfully lucky

  • Aww that's really sweet.  It's kind of sad, but amazing how wonderful people can be sometimes and it always seems to surprise us when someone actually cares that much.  I want to go get LO a piggy bank of her own now!  haha
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  • The ceramic piggy banks at Target are on sale for $9 and they're really large. :D 
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