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3rd Trimester

I feel stuck in limbo!

So I enter 3rd trimester next week (I think it's next week), but on the 2nd tri board I feel like I'm not really part of it anymore! I figured I'd come introduce myself and start lurking.Without further ado...

 Hi! I'm 20 y/o, dating the most wonderful guy, had a "surprise" BFP on March 6 (we weren't trying at all, and we were using protection), and am expecting a little boy around November 5th.

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Re: I feel stuck in limbo!

  • hello! I did the same, came over here a few weeks early.  2nd tri seemed so long, i was ready for the last leg of this journey.  congrats on your little boy! 

  • Welcome! This is technically my "first day" in the 3rd trimester so I'm wicked excited to be in the home stretch! I agree that the last couple weeks in 2nd trimester seemed to go on forever, and that these weeks are kind of an "in between" trimester stage... anywho.. glad I'm not the only one who thinks that! :-)
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  • Yes, I stopped looking at the second tri board at about 26 weeks. It felt like it was a loonnng stretch. Welcome!
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