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how to reassure child through upheaval?

(This will be long, sorry!)

While we were on vacation, the other half of our twin had a fire; the firewall did its work and we have no fire damage, but there was smoke in our house, some soot, and the place smells like we are 10 pack a day smokers.  Ick!  Not what we wanted to come home to (this past Sunday). We definitely couldn't stay there, we didn't let Gwen or our pup, Daisy, step one foot in the house, so we are at my Grandfather-in-law's house for the time being (and Daisy is with a friend). 

Insurance has been great, and the cleaning crew started yesterday. They think it will take about a week, after which we can move back in. We are so blessed to have family nearby that we can stay with, while still going to work/daycare as normal. But its been really hard living out of suitcases, and really hard on Gwen. Poor thing isn't sure what's going on.  Sad

The last of Gwen's first four molars is halfway in now. Its clearly paining her and its been disrupting her sleep. Frankly, I think bedsharing is disrupting her sleep too. Normally she sleeps in her crib until 5am, when she comes to bed with us (we love our morning snuggles); but she's been sleeping in bed with us the past few nights, and we are all way too "active" sleepers for it to work.

Add that to being all thrown off by going on vacation for a week, then coming back here and going back to school, but not living at her house or with her dog, instead in a un-childproofed house where she can't play with 95% of the things in it, and you have a tired, cranky girl who is just not herself. Even her daycare teachers noted that she was "more emotional" then normal, and she's definitely having more meltdowns. She doesn't even want to let me get in the shower in the mornings.  :-(   My poor girl. This is hard on all of us, but I feel horrible for her since she doesn't really understand what's going on. 

So, I'm just trying to be super patient with her, super gentle with her, and get her to sleep a little earlier. We're borrowing a pack'n'play to see if that helps her sleep better. Otherwise though, I'd love any suggestions you have to reassure her, and help us get through this next week without too many tears... hers or mine!!

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Re: how to reassure child through upheaval?

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope everything is cleaned up very soon and that this all quickly becomes a distant memory.

    It's helpful that you know what's triggering her meltdowns and it sounds like being super patient & gentle with her is the right route. I don't have any other suggestions except for to try to keep your own emotions/anxieties in check. Kids definitely pick up on your energy. It's easier said than done, though.

    Big hugs.

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  • oh wow i'm so sorry!!!!  :(

    sounds like you're being as responsive as you can, and like anna said, try to stay calm yourself too.  can you maybe take her out of the house for playtimes, since you said it's not safe for her to play with stuff at the house?  so like after daycare, go out to dinner at a fun place, or even picnic in the park?  hope the PNP helps with sleep - good luck and hopefully you get back home soon!!

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  • I'm so sorry.  I think daycare, since it usually is a part of her routine, is good for her.  It's familiar to her.  What about after you picking her up going to places that (maybe you didn't go to after daycare, but did go to at other times) she is familiar with and where she could play?  The park, the library, out to eat, a friends house, an indoor play area, etc?
  • Ugh, I am so sorry!

    We recently bought a second house and had to live with my parents for a month in between houses. On top of that major change DD started teething in the beginning of the move. It was hard, but bringing some of her items, stuff that she loves and was familiar with helped. But the biggest help was those teeth finally cutting through. As soon as we passed that hurdle she was fine. The move into the new house was much more smooth.

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