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If you have a dog

Elaina is tearing up and down the hallway and she's always on the lookout for dog hair.  We have a dirt devil that I use about 90 times a day to suck up what my dog leaves but I can't keep up.

Do you continue to try to keep the hair out of baby's mouth or do you give up and hope that she figures out eventually that it's yucky?  I just can't keep spending all day, everyday doing this!

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Re: If you have a dog

  • We gave up. Between the dog, the cat and me, CJ always finds a hairball to munch on. It's so nasty!

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  • We have a Dyson.  It works WONDERS!  As long as we vacuum often we don't have much of an issue.
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  • We have the PAWS version of the Hoover windtunnel and love it, but it doesn't even begin to do enough to keep up with our fur ball dog...everytime he shakes or scratches hair goes flying.

    It was seriously one of my biggest anxieties while nesting...I felt like I could not get the house clean enough when it came to the dog hair, but while I still vacuum at least every other day and do a quick scan for "tanner tumbleweeds" the rest of the time, I have lightened up quite a bit. I just say 'yuck' and take them from her when I see her picking them up.

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  • We have a Shark Cordless Stick Vac that I run over Liam's play area-- We turned our dining room into his playroom by gating it off and putting floam tiles over the hardwood floors. I run the vacuum over the floor in that room at least once a day (sometimes twice) but only do the rest of the house about once a week. Since that's the only room where he spends significant amounts of time on the floor, it's the only room I really make an effort.
  • We also have a dyson.....it's great!!! I still vacuum at least every other day, if not everyday!

    But mostly I don't think a few dog hairs is gonna hurt her!

  • We bought a Rumba on clearance.  It works great for picking up the dog hair and I can just turn it on and let it go.  We are also lucky b/c 90% of the time DS picks up the dog hair and hands it to us.
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  • We have laminate wood floors, so there's no hiding the balls of fur that roll around.  I admit, I rarely vacuum, but we do shave both of our dogs in the spring and until it gets too cold in the fall to cut back on the shedding.  DS has eaten fur a couple times that I have seen, but honestly, I think that's it.  I think he figured it out.
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  • We gave up! I was vacuum ing so much that DS now is scared of the vacuum!!! hates the sound and starts to shake as soon as I pull it out.
  • image jana_86:
    We have a Dyson.  It works WONDERS!  As long as we vacuum often we don't have much of an issue.

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