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NC Babies List Question!

Hi mommies!  Are you saying I should copy the list and add myself in there in a new post?  I just found this great community board and hope to start checking in once or twice a week now!  Yay! 
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Re: NC Babies List Question!

  • Hi!  I *think* you can post in the list and say you want to be added, but you need to do an introduction post and participate on the board.  There's been a lot of random people added who never come back and post so it clutters the list. HTH :)
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  • narknark member

    Welcome :)  This is a really nice community. I'm in CLT, but there are a lot of triangle girls here and they are always recommending doctors, restaurants, stores, local sales, etc to each other, and I think they get together sometimes. Plus the board is great for asking questions etc, so don't be shy!

    Just introduce yourself, and reply to the baby list post that you'd like to be added and your due date. After that, just make sure to at least "check-in" (post a reply) on the baby list when you see it posted to let us all know how you're doing and that you're still around, even if you don't post a ton.  


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  • Welcome! Ditto PP's on the list. We have a few mom's groups comprised from girls on this board (both SAHMs and working moms) and there are also other groups in the area like Triangle Mommies, MOPS groups, etc. If you are interested in going to a GTG or joining a NC bump mom's group, page akspriss--she takes care of our group calendars. Since you will be new you will need to attend a GTG at a public place vs. an event at someone's house just so we know you're not a crazy stalker. :) 


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  • Great!  Thanks Mommies! 
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