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Possible name sounds like adult film star's?

I've fallen in love with the name Piper Penelope.  I love the sound of it, I think it would be cute as a little girl and elegant as an adult.  However, when you do a google search for Piper Penelope, within four results is the adult film actress Penelope Piper. I still love the way the name sounds, but it's tarnished now...  Still, I don't really care.  

Would you name your child something that is so similar to an adult film star? Stick out tongue


Re: Possible name sounds like adult film star's?

  • YulesYules member
    I would name my child after a porn star, but I wouldn't give them two names that start with the same letter. Sorry I can't get past the two P's . 
  • I say its fine..by the time your daugher is googling the film star will be a grandma lol.  I love the sound of double letters!
  • What can I say? I love alliteration.
  • wwnbwwwnbw member

    I really like it and I would still use it...unless she is a really well know adult film star like lets say...jenna jameson.

    I <3 alliteration!

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  • and by the way, when growing up you dont usually know people's middle names...all my friends had a name growing up..thats it..I didnt know their middle names until they were way older then the stage of laughing about PP.
  • A friend of mine share's the exact same name as a porn star. We found this out in high school, haha! Her last name is Wood, so no surprise there :).

    I think she laughed it off and didn't think much of it, you should do the same!! The name you chose is great, and doesn't scream porn star or anything. 

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  • I was thinking that, too.  I think I knew one girl who called herself Jaws in fifth grade because that's what her initials spelled, so she was the only friend whose middle name I knew until Middle School. Then middle names that were especially horrendous turned into inside jokes rather than actual teasing.
  • that doesn't bother me, nor does the alliteration, but i just don't like the name.
  • Short answer...if I knew ahead of time, NO.  If I found out 5 minutes too late...well, I'd try to grin and bear it...what else can you do? 

    I like the names, but if you are already thinking about the fact that it so closely shares w/an adult porn star...well...I'd say you already put it in the can.  I like Piper too...but I think it is a bit over-used for an "original" name and it is very close to Pippa...wich will most certainly be off the charts this year.  What about...

    Penelope Rose

    Penelope Pearl (if you like the PP initials ;)

    Penelope Anne

    Good luck!

  • I'm glad you asked this because we came across the same situation! We both agreed on a girls name Brooke Taylor and LOVED it...then one day I googled and found out it's a play boy bunny's name. At first I thought...no way! But then I figured by the time she was the school age that classmates knew what play boy is...the model would be aged and not a model any more. I saw go with it! I've never heard of Piper Penelope.


    If all else fail and some one says anything like "That's a porn star's name" just reply "gross you watch porn?" haha.


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  • She would have to be a really famous porn star to put me off it. Ha, the best thing about naming your kid something reminiscent of a porn star is that people can't bring it up without mentioning how they know.

    "Oh, I just, you know, heard it somewhere..."

    Sure, pal. Sure.

  • Only if it was really distinctive. I know someone who asked me what I thought of the name Stormy, her last name is Daniels. It just happens to be an adult film actress that had a short lived mainstream career on the show DIRT with Courtney Cox. And she's just gross. So, for me that one was a no!
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  • Ha thats a great come back if the name is not common...wait, how do you know its a porn star lol
  • I think it's adorable !  Don't worry about the pervs.  By the time she's a teenager, that porn star will have died from some STD anyway.
  • image stargazertechie:
    I enjoy alliteration as much as the next person... but pee-pee, really? 

    I'm sure that she'll get more crap over the P.P. than the porn star reference. 
    I agree with this.
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  • Thanks, ladies!  You've been a huge help.  I think I'll stick with it, especially since it was the first name my husband completely fell in love with for a girl.  His second choice was Penelope Lane (and wants to call her Penny Lane), but that's just too kitschy for me.

    By the way, I'm not concerned with the popularity or uniqueness of Piper.  I like it because it's a character in one of my favorite kid's books. :) 

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