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s/o potty chair question

we are nowhere near actual potty training but DS always goes right before his bath so I'm thinking maybe we can put him on the potty before bath time as a start.  Do you recommend a seat, chair, which one....


I'm TOTALLY clueless in this dept!!!



Re: s/o potty chair question

  • We have both the chair and the ring you put on a regular potty.  There's no predicting which one he'll prefer.  I say get both.  Also, once you do start potty training, his preference for one over the other maybe change - daily, weekly!!
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  • We stuck with the el cheapo IKEA potty chairs.  Got one for each bathroom. 
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  • we have a chair, the rings for the actual toilet, and a urinal.  the chair is good for starting out, the rings are good for when they get the hang of it, and the urinal is a lifesaver if you have boys.
  • we use the ring, get the one with the pee guard, since he's a boy :)


  • Maggie started out on the Bjorn potty chair and then rather quickly moved to the ring on top of the seat.  We just have 2 character rings for the bathrooms. 
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