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two funny stories to share

so, I just have to share these two stories with y'all!  I think some of you saw my post on FB yesterday, but here's the story behind that....these are my best mother of the year award stories, both in one day!

so we go to imagine it yesterday morning and as we are in the car coming home, stopped at a light, Riley (2yrs old) sitting in the third row, way beyond my short arms reach (I mean I can barely reach the second row) and he's all "WAAAAATER!!!"  man he is thirsty from playing hard and he's eating his pretzels and crap his water is next to me, forgot to give it to him.  and I'm thinking how he is going to cry the whole way home if I don't get him I grab it, turn myself around (still stopped at the red light) and lob it back to him.....whacks him right in the freaking head, stuns him, falls to the floor of the van.....he starts bawling, both because I hit him in the head and because now he doesn't have his water.  and I can't help but laugh....for two reasons....1) wth was I thinking?  did I really think he was going to catch that????  and 2) I am sick in the head and can't help but laugh any time someone gets hit in the head.  bad mommy, poor little guy!

so then our whole schedule was off yesterday afternoon because we went to get hair cuts and yogurt tap and so we didn't get home until 530....normally I feed Kellen at 4/430, but he had fallen asleep and our schedule was off, so I fed him at 530 and then put him in the swing so I could cook dinner and do the whole dinner/bath/bedtime routine for the big boys.  normally I get the baby at 7 once I get Riley down, but since I didn't feed him until 530 I figured I would wait until 8, so I go on about checking things off my to-do list......10pm, done with most things, time for bed!  but then at 230am Kellen wakes up (he's been STTN) so I get up and I'm all groggy and I go into his room, but he's not in his crib, but he's crying and I'm all disoriented thinking "how did he get out of the crib???  where is he???" looking all over the no, he's still in the damn swing!  I completely forgot to put him to bed.  I mean, obviously he is fine, he was sleeping in the swing, he was fed, but like how the hell did I forget that?

so, there you have it, pass me the mother of the year award!


Re: two funny stories to share

  • I died laughing at that second story!  I can't believe he slept from 5:30 to 2:30!  OMG!  

    I take it Todd is out of town?  Is Riley ok?  Did he have a goose egg?  Are we cocktailing on Friday?  

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  • I'm sorry, but that's hilarious!! Drink up, sister...
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  • I'm sorry but I seriously have tears from laughing at the throwing of the water. That is someting I would do. I actually tossed a toy at Bryce this morning that hit him on the head. I felt bad too but I still laughed a little b/c the face he made was so quite funny.
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  • I have tears I am laughing so hard! I too, am a tosser in the car. I hit my kids in the face with fries all the time!
  • OMG, you are hilarious! Thank you for sharing and making me laugh!
  • I am crying I am laughing so hard.  My mother is always so scared I am going to forget about ansley and leave the house with Adam while she is in her swing.  She even suggested I put a sticky not on the steering wheel just to make sure. 
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  • maykatmaykat member
    Hilarious...I better see this on the blogs:)
  • care99care99 member
    Too funny!  Just one more day til the weekend!
  • I just read this to Lee and we were both dying laughing. Sorry it was at your expense but SO funny :)
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  • I am cracking up with the water thing. Seriously something I would have done. Awesome. 
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    Hey, you took three kids to the children's museum!
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  • Awesome!  Hilarious!!
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  • GTJessGTJess member
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  • These stories are priceless! You are hilarious! The 2nd story is my favorite. 
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  • OMG..hilarious!
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  • This is too funny!  The first story sounds exactly like something I would do.  The second story sounds exactly like something I HAVE done.  More than once.  I know one time I left her in the swing DOWNstairs and went up to bed.  In the middle of the night, I couldn't figure out why the volume on the monitor was down so low... then I got into her room and she wasn't there but I could still hear her crying.  I was totally panicking.  And one time I ran into her room and she wasn't there... yeah because she was in the bassinet in OUR room.  I walked right past her to go to her room.  And I only have 2 kids.  






  • Brilliant!  All of it!

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  • Roci26Roci26 member

    OMG! too funny!!

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  • so funny and what a good baby to sleep that long!!!
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  • imagekep:
    Hey, you took three kids to the children's museum!

    Haha!  This!  The stories are funny but this is the part that I can't get over!  ;) 

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  • LMAO! Seriously, all of it is priceless. I too have done the swing thing, but with the bouncy.
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  • KerrinKerrin member

    I laugh when people get hit in the head too.  It's terrible, but true.

    After your big day yesterday, I hope you get a well deserved NAP today.  And a keg of wine.  That I will drink with you. 

  • so I let DH read the 2nd paragraph because I thought it was funny.  Then he said "he must have a lot of bites on him since he was outside that long"  ROFL
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