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More MIL goodies for you

One of the gifts she brought for us to fight over was two pairs of VS underwear.  I think they were a L or XL or something, because they looked enormous.  They were hot pink and one had a lace backside.  Karin and I were both sort of like, "well they aren't going to fit", and I added that I didn't really care to have a pair of "sexy" (ie, lace ass exposing) underwear that my MIL gave me.   Sorry.  Just don't. 

She left a bunch of stuff on the bar and said that someone will take it and it'll disappear.  Along with the panties were two coconut shells filled with candles (????), and a mug that looked like a zebra.  And a G I A N T conch shell.  She thought Karin wanted it.  But Karin didn't want to buy a seat on the plane for the shell to come home with her.    I really should have taken pictures of this crap.

I know someone is going to say that I am being horrible because she gave us gifts and I am being unappreciative.   I probably am.  Feel free to judge me.  

Re: More MIL goodies for you

  • When you say she left it all on the bar, do you mean in a pub or restaurant?..because that's super nutty.

    I don't think you are horrible. My MIL brings us boxes of random stuff out of her house all the time. The 1 billionth time she did this I refused the stuff saying I was trying to eliminate clutter and she left my house crying. Made me feel only a little bad. I really hate clutter.

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  • myrallmyrall member

    No one will fault you for not wanting things like that. My grandmother was notorious for giving us bags of tea towels, tins of candy and bridge mix, tape measures, 20-year old decks of cards, and Peanuts pencils.

    Rob's own mother just sent him a fancy Calloway golf shirt for his birthday. He turned 43 and hasn't touched a golf club since he was 19. The WTF look he gave me when he opened it was priceless. AND, it's two sizes too big. 

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  • Ha ha! No on my bar in my kitchen.  And the the underwear were new with tags.   Just in case someone was thinking that was gross.  Because that would be if they were not new!  (what would be more gross: Her giving them away or leaving them on the bar?)  

    I hate clutter too.  Most of it is going to make its way into our trash this week.  I always feel like her brand of gift giving is more like "Here, you throw this away so I don't have to".


  • Both my grandparents tend to send us home with random stuff that they don't want. I always chalk it up to an age thing and shake my head and either donate it or trash it.

    I cannot get over the fact that she gave you and SIL lacy underwear. 

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  • my husband's grandmother gave me zebra print lacy thongs for christmas. you know, to open in front of everyone. and they were HUGE, which meant i took photos and posted them on facebook so everyone could enjoy their loveliness!
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  • The panties thing is just weird. Does anyone ever want anyone (maybe other than their DH) to buy them panties?! I also hate cluttery (is that even a word) gifts.

    If it makes you feel any better, my visit with the IL's went a million times worse. I may post one day about it, but I don't think the bump would allow a post that long.

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  • bring it on Louise06! i love nothing more than hearing about crazy MILs!
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