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daycare vs. nanny

Happy Friday, ladies!

With #2 on the way, I'm starting to debate whether it makes sense to hire a nanny instead of having 2 in daycare. If you have 2, do you have them in daycare, or use a nanny? Why?

Also, I have no idea how to even research/find a nanny, so if anyone knows of a resource I'd appreciate it!



Re: daycare vs. nanny

  • So we went through this debate and ended up with 2 in daycare. Honestly the price is about the same for a nanny vs a daycare center however with DD ready to go into preschool (she just moved into the preschool class this week actually) we would have to pay for that in addition to the nanny which swayed it back to the center.
    The other pros on our list:
    - Stability of having a team of people watch them vs one person who might get sick or flake out.
    - Nobody at our house during the day. No messes left to clean up, no extra power used for lights, heat, A/C, etc.
    - More interaction with other kids at daycare. This would happen with a nanny but not necessarily at the same level they have in a daycare class.

    I know has nannies  listed but we have a friend who is a nanny who would probably have been ours if we had decided to go that route. GL in whatever you decide!
  • We also do 2 in daycare.  A is in preschool, going into PreK this next year.  I like the social intereaction a daycare/preschool allows. 

    Plus, I work from home and  on the few times I've had to work with them here, it just doesn't work to well.  I have a separate office, but with glass french doors, they would still want to come in all the time.

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  • I use a nanny for my 2.  We pay $300/wk.  I like that they have undivided attention from one care giver, vs having to share one care giver with like 10+ kids.  (Kids need to be able to have a consistent care giver at this ago so they can learn to develop a bond with someone outside of mom/dad.)  I also do a coop preschool with the kids on my day off, so I need someone who can get them to school the other days.  (So, yes, in my case they do get social interatction.)  It also gives them the opportunity to do other activities, like gymnastics.  This way we don't have to spend our whole weekend on their activities.  Big Smile
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