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They're gone

My ILs left a few hours ago.  The house is cleaned up and back to normal and the kids are passed out. 

I had a great visit with SIL and her family.  I get along great with my BIL (always have) and my SIL and I have had a rocky time here and there, but we are good friends now.   And their daughter has grown up so much, she's not shy and kind of jealous of Evie any more.  It was so nice to see how much Lina and Evie loved each other.

But per usual, my MIL was BSC.  FIL, MIL and BIL had a fight because they keep calling Liam "Leo" because they don't like his name and BIL was like "how disrespectful.  This is the name they chose and you don't have the right to give him a new name just because you don't like it" and they were all "don't you talk to us like that, its disrespectful" and later I was just like, thanks, Martin.  Because I try not to let it bother me but it drives me up the wall that they call my kids "Ava" and "Leo".  

There was other stuff too but I'm self medicating with wine right now.  They stayed at the stone hurst and left us alone quite a bit which was very nice.  They drove me crazy today with the meet up for lunch.  They just couldn't get it through their heads that **I would call them** when we left the aquarium.  So they went to Nori Nori in Sandy Springs and waited there for us for like 2 hours.  Because their check out was at 11 and instead of listening to what I said and going to the mall or somewhere to kill time, they went straight to Nori Nori to wait for us.   And acted all put out.   GRRR!   

Then there were the wack-o gifts she showed up with... Ugh, it was like she cleaned out her closet and would hold stuff up and go, "Ok, guys.  Who wants this." And we would all look up at the ceiling and whistle.   And because she did the limo and the family photos (for Karin? I guess?) she wanted to do something for me.  I told Nico to tell her I was very grateful that she was paying for our family photo session and I didn't need anything.  And if she wanted to get me a couple of frames for the photos, that would be great.  I like IKEA frames.    She gave me two broken frames that are covered in dust.  That I gave her for Christmas 2 years ago.  

But its over.  And I have wine.  If I think of anything else crazy, I'll let you know.    

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  • Oh my gosh, I can't get past the fact she calls your children by different names! I mean really!!!
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  • She regifted the same gift to the person who gifted her... and they were broken and dusty.  Wo_OW!

    BtW, saw the photos on fb. She looks just like your DH! Its better now that I can put a face to these stories! And your BIL and SIL kissed in every picture I saw posted (well the two I saw)...I thought that was pretty funny...kinda thought they needa get a room.

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    One of my favorite cakes ever! I had a blast making this..all handmade with buttercream suds!!!!
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  • I can't believe they call your kids by different names!! That's crazy! And I get annoyed when my ILs insist on calling Abigail "Abby"!

    I'm glad you survived!

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  • I need to keep this so I can reread it when my ILs are here for 17 days and remind myself that at least they call my children by their names. WTF is wrong with your MIL that she calls them Ava and Leo? That is too weird.

    By the way, the pictures were awesome that Brooke took! Were they at a big antique store in Chamblee? 

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  • I am dying at the regifting!  Sorry, but that made me giggle.  Sorry about the weekend, but it's over!  Enjoy your wine, you deserve it!
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  • Ha ha Karin. I thought it was nice.  Karin and Martin have been up and down the marriage roller coaster, but they really love each other and seem to be on a good path right now.  I was really happy to see that being down that far on the roller coaster, you can get back up.  And they are a lovely couple.   And their daughter is very sweet and well adjusted.   I hope Evie is much the same when she's 11. 

    Yes, Andrea, it was the antiques market.   It was great, and Brooke was great and very patient with us.   We kept saying, "wait just one more!"  

  • imageDaisy22:
    Oh my gosh, I can't get past the fact she calls your children by different names! I mean really!!!

    this.  omg!

  • Good grief!  Your in-laws are something else.  I couldn't help but laugh about the re-gifted frames, though.  I'm glad that you survived the week and can back to normal now.
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  • The names, the re-gifting, the crazy. Hate it for you, kind of love the stories. So glad they are gone. Wine it up. 
  • kepkep member

    Leo and Ava? What? Bravo for your BIL for saying something.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. :o

    The photos are gorgeous, BTW!!

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  • GTJessGTJess member

    and i thought I had it bad when people call Reese "Reesy". wow!


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  • Ava and Leo??? How you don't slap her is beyond me! Kudos to Martin! I am glad you have your house back it sounds like it was fun to spend time with SIL and BIL and Lina. The photos are gorgeous! Have a relaxing weekend. 
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  • Not just Liam, but Evie too?! WTH are they thinking calling your kids other names?! Then the regifting. Geez. You deserve that wine therapy and then some!
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  • KerrinKerrin member
    This story is so so awesome.  I especially love the part about the frames.  Hope you finished that whole bottle.
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