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Those with PT'd kids...

Can your DC go to the bathroom by him/herself?

How long after you started PTing did this happen?

What kind of stool do you have (so that they can get up on the toilet alone?)

Holly has been PT'd for about 6 mos now, and we still help her every time when we're home, or out at a public restroom--help her with her pants/undies, physically put her on the potty, and usually help her wipe (always with a poop).

She goes on her own at DC--they have a small, child sized toilet, so getting on it by herself isn't an issue. I can only assume she wipes herself there. When she wipes by herself though, half the time she just stuffs toilet paper down in the toilet--though we're working on it, and she's getting better. I've never attempted letting her wipe herself after a poop. But I guess she probably does at DC (I guess I should ask. huh? hehe). But I know she's pulling her pants and undies back up without being thoroughly clean when she does it herself. Blech.. :-)

I feel like I need to start letting her go at home alone because she's got to learn at some point! But for whatever reason I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that.


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Re: Those with PT'd kids...

  • Liam doesn't go by himself yet either, although he hasn't been PTed as long as Holly.  At home, he sits on a little potty, and he will go in there and go by himself, then call me when he's done.  He likes to take his shorts and undies off when he goes, and he can't get them back on by himself.  Plus, I just can't imagine letting him wipe his own butt LOL!

    I was thinking about it too, with school starting back up soon.  I'm pretty sure they still help in the 3s class though, they just ask that they are in underwear and not diapers.

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  • We use this potty seat that has a step built in.

    Zoe by no means goes by herself yet (we're down to about 2 accidents per week!) But she is able to use the built in step to get up and sit on the toilet on her own.  

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  • Keira has a frog potty she uses and unless she poops, she goes by herself. She pulls down her bottoms/undies herself, wipes, flushes her wipe, and pulls her bottoms and undies up by herself. She even likes to dump her pee in the big potty but I try and intervene before she does that because she has dumped it on the floor or sloshes it--but heck! At least she's trying, right?! haha

    I usually follow her to make sure she does ok, but if I'm feeding Callie I can tell her just to go and she does. She always yells "potty potty" so we always know when she has to go. 

    We always help her on the big potty and in public--we have a don't touch ANYTHING rule! 

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  • I've been trying to work with Maddie to get her to be able to go on her own, but I think it's still going to be a while! She can get her underwear/shorts off fine any other time, but sometimes when she really needs to go she gets stressed about it and all the sudden she can't get them down in time.

    She can climb up herself on this, but pretty much is the same as Holly with wiping. She knows "front to back" but sometimes seems to miss wiping altogether. She is definitely no where near ready to wipe for poop.

    If she is wearing a dress, she can usually get her underwear up by herself, although sometimes she leaves her bum hanging out, lol. Pants are another story, she can't get those up by herself yet.

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  • Well, with Nate here now, we've been all about independence with Scott! ha!  He goes by himself and we just have a stool for him to reach the potty to sit when he needs to poop.  I think it's a Bjorn stool--they were on sale one day so I just got a few.  It's really important though that you test any stool you get to make sure it doesn't tip (one we had did and it totally freaked Scott out).

    At school, he goes by himself and attempts to wipe but he always has skid marks on his undies when he goes at school.  At home, we're usually either with him when he poops or he knows he has to come find us after he goes so we can help wipe him.

    Now Scott can dress himself for the most part as long as we lay out the clothes for him so he knows what is the front and what is the back.  We worked really hard on dressing so we could have him be more independent in the rush of the morning routine. 


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  • Ashley has been potty trained for over a year and a half, but she still needs help sometimes ;-) We have a little potty in our guest bath that she can use on her own (take down pants, panties, etc) and we use a step stool and potty seat in our bathroom. She can get on that by herself too, but she still needs help to wipe. She will wipe on her own, but I always go behind her and wipe her again.

    I was helping with VBS last month and was super impressed with a little girl in her class (her age) who went in the church bathroom all by herself (big potty). I still have to help Ash with that, but I also put down a lot of toilet paper for her to sit on and have the no touching rule too. 

  • DD has been fully PT'ed about 2 mos (pooping took a while to get-was PT'ed for pee for 8 mos or so). She's starting going on her own in the last month or so.

    She uses the potty by herself-either climbs up on a stool and sits on potty ring or uses the little BabyBjorn potty on the floor (she has options!). However we wipe her...she'll call when she's done. then she pulls her undies and pants back up. 

    We have a little IKEA stool that she uses. 

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  • Camryn can get up to the toilet on her own.  I still typically help her wipe if I'm around and she definitely calls out for help if she poops.  I think she is probably more independent with wiping at school, but I'm sure the teachers help the kids if they need it. 

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