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Potty Learning

This morning I walk into our livingroom from finishing getting ready for work and DS runs into my arms and exclaims... "MOMMA I GO POO POO" holding his butt, sure enough, he had gone poo poo.

This isn't the first time he's done it, but it is the first time he stated it so clearly and was excited to tell me.

This is my que to start introducing the potty to him right?

Advice on potty learning welcome/needed!


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Re: Potty Learning

  • will he sit on the toilet? Since my dd will sit on the toilet I eliminated diaper during the day the first couple days we didn't make it to the toilet and I cleaned up a few messes. Really it takes the parent staying keen to the kids cues, I have my daughter sit on the potty every hour (sometimes longer) and I do it in between activities (instead of stopping a game when she has too go)

    Other than that it is up to the kid, let him see his parents use the bathroom and if he wants to sit on it let him, just don't put any pressure! 


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  • he see's us go potty all the time.. and usually wants to sit on the potty with me. I've never just put him on the potty. I may try that this weekend.

    I'm also going to talk to his school today when I pick him up to see what they will do to work with him during the day.

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  • erbearerbear member
    not necessarily. Kate's been doing that for almost a year and she's not even close to potty trained. The bigger cue is when they tell you BEFORE they go :)
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  • DS is a bit older but we have had great luck with the 3 day method (look on babycenter.com). DS was not telling us before he went before we started but does now. He was statring to tell us after the fact. DS will not be "forced"to sit on the potty if he doesn't need to go then he wants nothing to do with it. So a time method wouldn't work for us. We have had very few accidents after day 2. He is diaper free during the day (except for naps). We were pant free as much as possible for the first 2 weeks but now he wears pants and underwear. I have to do the pulling up and down though.
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  • EmmieBEmmieB member

    letting him sit on the potty won't hurt at all. it will reinforce what he's feeling with where it should happen (eliminating on the potty) and make PL that much easier when he's ready.

    good luck!

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