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Update! RE: Might be in labour

Hey everybody!

No new bout of preterm labour for me!! Looks like it was just false labour. At least now I know :) Baby Ellie is hanging in there, good girl!

I found out that the "bulging" feeling is actually just baby's head putting more pressure down there than normal and making things feel a little different and swollen. They said it was nothing to be worried about.

So, I will hopefully continue to stay pregnant for at least another two weeks, and then I can't wait to meet my little lady!!

On a side note: I've been really nervous about Ellie being HUGE when she came out, because DH was 10lbs 8ozs, I was 9lbs 4ozs and my tummy has been really really large, but at my ultrasound last week she was only 4lbs 15ozs, so it looks like I'm looking at having a healthy average sized baby!

Yesterday and today may have been super painful/uncomfortable and worrisome, but I feel a lot better and way more reassured, and even grateful that I'm on bedrest because I'm so happy Ellie's going to take a bit more time!


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Re: Update! RE: Might be in labour

  • Thats Great! Keep em cooking mama and OMG ur hubby was a biggin' lol
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  • That is great news hang in there its almost time
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