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Pregnancy/surgery question

I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant, and just found out today that I need surgery to repair torn cartilage in my knee.  Is there a safe way to get the surgery done while I'm still pregnant?  Or do I just have to wait until baby if born to get it?

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    I just had surgery 2 weeks ago (at 17 weeks) to remove my gallbladder. I was diagnosed at 7 weeks with Hypermesis Gravardium and a gallbladder full of stones. I was really sick and hospitalized so my docs felt there was no option but to remove it, though they said I had to wait until 2nd tri. 1st was out because of all the developing of key parts and 3rd was out because the baby would be in the way and didn't need the exposure to the meds.

    Extra precautions were taken in what meds I was given to make sure they were as safe as possible. Unfortunately, some of the meds were Class C and there was no way around it. Instead of being given a dose of meds in pre-op to calm me down/make me sleepy I was wheeled into the OR wide awake to limit the amount of medicine used. 

    If there is anyway to wait until after the birth to have the surgery I would. I was so nervous going into the surgery, waking up and even now not knowing if the baby was affected by the anesthesia. Good luck!

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  • I had an emergency open appendectomy at 16 weeks pregnant.  It had to happen before it ruptured and I possibly got sepsis.  So, for me there was no option.  If you have to have surgery, then you have to have it.  If you can wait till after baby is born, then I would.  I was fine, baby was fine.  I had several ultrasounds whilst in hospital to make sure baby was okay. 

    Yes, the medications were adjusted during and after surgery to make sure they were the safest ones possible during pregnancy.  Being a pharmacist, I knew the risks and benefits, so I was able to ask for adjustments in pain relief.   

     DS was absolutely fine throughout the entire thing.  Born healthy and happy!! 

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  • Thanks ladies!  I'm not opposed to waiting for the surgery at all, I just wanted to check and see what people had to say.

  • discuss with your doctor about getting an epidural/spinal instead of anesthetic. 

    I have no idea about sedation though but I know that is an option and actually a lot of people prefer it to being knocked out because there is no waking up.

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