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Back Pain?

I've been having some pretty severe back pain for the last 3 days now...constant all day, nothing makes it feel better, sitting, laying, heat, ice, rubed, nothing. Should I be worried or is it just another joy of this pregnancy is totally kicking my tail? Anyone have this and have any suggestions?

Re: Back Pain?

  • I have had sciatica for as long as I can remember and pregnancy definitely aggravates it - it started around 20 weeks with O and at 6 weeks with this pg.  In the last week I have had sharp stabbing back pain between my shoulder blades that has been killing me.  My OB gave me muscle relaxers that have not even touched it - Tylenol, ice, heat, relaxing don't help either, and my chiro couldn't do anything for it.  I actually have to go have a gallbladder ultrasound to make sure that it isn't that.  I would let your OB know where it is and that nothing helps, but most likely they will tell you Tylenol and heat.  Hope it gets better soon!
  • I had a lot of back pain when I was pregnant. It was a rather miserable time, so I can greatly sympathize with you. Unfortunately, the only thing I could do was take Tylenol and hope that it would help. I hope that makes you feel better soon!
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  • You're a lot farther along than me, but i've been having issues with my sciatic nerve. I had back problems for about 3 years before getting pregnant, but never any issues with sciatica. At my last OB appt at 16w I asked the Dr. about my pain and she told me that it was no doubt my sciatic nerve and that if it was already bothering me, I better brace myself. Just what I wanted to hear! lol

    The good news is, you're almost there, and hopefully it won't bother you too much longer.

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