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Really fast eater?

DD has always been a good sucker/eater from the very beginning. Everyone from the LCs I saw to her pedi says she has a great "suck." So, I'm wondering if that's why now, at 4 months, she's breezing through her feedings in 5 minutes! Sometimes she takes longer, especially at night when she's sleepy, but then it's usually 10-15 and it's just one side. I notice when I pump that I have a really fast flow after let down and most of my milk seems to come out in the first 5 minutes. I've been worrying that she's not getting enough but she goes 3-4 hours between feedings and seems fine and is having enough poopy/wet diapers, so I don't know. At daycare she does 6-7 ounces at a feeding. Anyone else have a fast eater? I barely feel like I've gotten settled in and she's all done!
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Re: Really fast eater?

  • Yep, I do! H's nursing sessions were never more than 15 minutes long (now no more than 10) and she can chug down a bottle too. We're still on the lowest flow nipple and even still she can suck a 6 oz bottle in under 10 minutes!

    I tested this the other day thanks to mssaint's scale - she can suck in about 6-8 minutes what I pump in 20. Indifferent No wonder BFing has been so difficult.... :)

    As long as you know she's getting enough -gaining, enough wet diapers, etc -don't stress and thank the heavens you're not one of those women who have to deal with 45 minute nursing sessions! (I don't know how they handle that)

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  • LO is a fast eater and has been since birth. I would get so freaked out when he was brand new because all of the books said he'd nurse all the time and take 30-45 minutes, and he would eat for 15-20 minutes max.

    Now he eats for 5 minutes unless he's sleepy, and then he'll nurse for 10-30 minutes, but it's really comfort sucking. His weight gain has been fine and he pees all the freaking time, so it's just the way he is. I call him the gobbler.

     ETA - I pump 80% of my output in the first 5 minutes. I'll pump 6 oz in 5 minutes and then pump for another 20 minutes and only get 2 more. At least it's a nice break. 

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  • Yup.  In the hospital DD2 was only nursing 10 minutes total. I was so freaked out because DD1 nursed for 30-40 minutes in the beginning.   By 2-3 weeks she was only nursing 2-3 minutes per side.  Now at 10 months old she has increased her nursing time a little bit.  If she's really hungry it's 8-10 minutes total, but normally it's around 6 minutes.
  • yes, babies become much more efficient nursers after a few months

    mine always nursed forever though

    seriously, if I was the motivated type, I could've learned a new trade or language or something LOL


  • I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one with a super primed eating machine! I guess it's good she eats fast because lately she's been getting easily distracted by things so if she's getting most of her food quickly then she won't be going hungry when she pulls off to gaze at the ceiling fan/my face/the cat...

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  • DS has always been a super sucker too.  He'll on occassion has drank an 8 oz bottle leaving daycare and is done about 5 minutes later. 
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