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Hi everyone,

 Just wanted to introduce myself.  My husband and I are 13 weeks along (EDD 1/30/12) with our first.  We're transplants thanks to the Army and live in F-V (I had to be close enough to Raleigh for work!).   I found an OBGYN I like in Cary and will be giving birth there at WakeMed.  Has anyone else given birth there?  If so, what has been your experience?  Also can anyone recommend pediatricians in the area?

Hoping you all are beating the heat and thanks for the help! 


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  • Hi, congrats, and welcome!

    I'm in Cary but delivered at Rex and had a great experience. I've heard great things about Wake Med Cary though as well!

    We go to Cornerstone Pediatrics in Cary, and I really, really like them. We see Dr. Todd.

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks, Mrs. Hughes!  (Hughes is my maiden name, I traded it for an impossible Polish name... I miss my old one haha)
    I'll look up Cornerstone :) Hopefully they'll take our insurance!  It was a nightmare trying to find an OB. 
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  • Welcome!  I dont have any advice on peds since I'm in CLT, but good luck!!
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  • Welcome, and congrats! I live in Johnston County, but work in Raleigh and have a regular doc in Cary, but my son's pediatrician is in Raleigh. I gave birth at Rex, but have several friends who had their children at Wake Med Cary and had nothing but good things to say.

  • Congrats & welcome!

    We live in Raleigh and use Jeffers & Mann for our pediatrician. I really have nothing but good things to say about them. They have an office in Raleigh near Rex, and offices in Clayton & Wake Forest. When you're ready to pick a pedi, I would call a few you are interested in. Most have new parent nights where you can come in to see the office & meet the pediatricians. 

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  • hi!

    I had my 15mo at Western Wake/WakeMed Cary. I loved my time there. The post L&D room we were in opened on this beautiful atrium like hallway where it was a nice place to step out to and walk around while in between feedings. The nurses were great, the LC were very very helpful. We were there during a mini-boom and originally had to wait to go to our post delivery room, but the L&D was also quite comfortable while we waited it out. The couch was comfortable enough that my husband never folded it flat to the bed that it could be come for his nights with us. If you take the L&D class through the hospital you'll get a full tour of the place as part of the class.

    If you want to stay in Cary, we use Western Wake Pediatrics ( and love everyone there.

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