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Good news :)

So...after a few months of preparing for DH to be deployed for the next year +, he received word that the mission has been cancelled (due to several paperwork mishaps with the Mobilization Coordinator)! YAY! He will be able to be here when Liam is born! :) He was a little disappointed because he was looking forward to seeing places he's never seen before (plus the benefits/pay was a LOT more), but he's so happy that he won't be leaving Wesley and that he'll be here to see Liam in person during his first year.

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  • Yay!  That's wonderful news!
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  • Yay that he'll be able to be there with you guys for all the excitement!! Smile
  • I was hoping that's what you'd say, when I saw the post title!

    That is awesome news! I know you are relieved.

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  • Yay! That's really awesome :)
    Our little flower

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  • That is fantastic news!
    My sweet boy :)
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  • JuberPJuberP member
    Congratulations!  That must be such a relief!
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  • From one military wife to another . . . HOOAH to that!
  • That is great news!



  • That's really great news!!
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