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Dr. Lisa Leone-Pak... any patients?

Hi All-

 Ive never posted on this board before but have a quick question about a new Dr. im seeing next week.

 Im going for my 35wk appt. and growth u/s next week. (Measuring 3 weeks ahead at 33 weeks). I normally dont see Dr. Leone-Pak but my regular Dr. wont be around that week. We are going to discuss whether to move up my scheduled c-sec (DS was 11lbs 4oz, 22in. the day before his EDD & I didn't have GD and don't this time around either) and im not sure what to expect from her. My Dr. sometimes treats me like I dont know what Im talking about (possibly because Ive been seeing him since I was a teenager).. im hoping Dr. Leone-Pak will be more open to hearing out my side of why having another 11lb baby is my biggest fear (my c/s was one for the "What Could Go Wrong" record book)

 Anyone have any experience with this Dr?


TIA to anyone who could give me feedback & sorry for this being long i felt the need to explain myself :)

Re: Dr. Lisa Leone-Pak... any patients?

  • I went to this practice when I had my son in May 2010.  I had problems with every Dr there except Leone, Lu and El-Mallah.  I also had a terrible c section experience with them.  

    I think Leone will listen but the problem I had was that none of the doctors in the practice listened to the other.  When I was sent in to be induced the doctor on call (Bernanrdini) flat out said she didn't agree with doctor Lu sending me and tried to send me home when I was pre-eclamptic.  I am no longer going to this practice because of my horrible exprience with them even though I really loved Dr Lu.  If you have any specific questions you can PM me.

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  • Dr Leone delivered my daughter at BM- My doctor didn't deliver either one of my children- their on call doctors did (which annoyed me both times)

    She was ok. I didn't think she was overly receptive to my concerns- She seemed rather pushy with insisting I have pitocin- which i declined each time and fought her on it.

    Can you talk to another doctor- honestly my biggest recommendation would be Dr. Phillip Hirshman or Joseph Castelli- those were the 2 that i saw. They are out of the KOP office. They will LISTEN-

    cant guarantee they will be the ones to deliver lol. I am 0 for 2. lol.


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  • She did my c/s at Bryn Mawr.  I had never met her before as I was a last minute transfer from the Birth Center.  She was not the most nurturing in her bedside manner but that didn't really bother me as I had my midwife there also.  She was very business-like and was calm but matter-of-fact about the c/s.  I did appreciate that she was really by the book in the OR.  And she spent extra time making sure the incision was properly closed because she knew that I'd be attempting a VBAC with my second child.

    Really, my overall experience wasn't great at Bryn Mawr.  Not terrible, but it is such a busy hospital that I think it is hard for any of them to take too much time to listen to anyone. 

     The doctors Stacy mentioned were the ones I interviewed for my second pregnancy.  They definitely listened to me and were honest with me that none of the doctors at BM were going to be a good fit for me based on the pregnancy and delivery I desired.  I appreciated their honesty and ultimately chose a midwife at a different hospital as a result.  I really respected them for taking the time to help me make that decision.

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  • I actually think it would be good to see all of the doctors there before delivery anyway only because you can't plan your delivery 100% and you never know which one of them is on call.  It helps to mentally prepare for the personality of the doc that is delivering yoru baby.  Especially since they are all so different at this practice.  I know you are having a c-sections but still....nothing can be planned 100%.  But like a lot of people say about this practice, all of the doctors have their own opinions and views on birth and sometimes they vary greatly...it might be a good idea to run what you talk about with Dr. Leonoe by Dr. Lu the following day via a telephone call.  The two of them don't seem to have similar attitudes towards birth. 



  • I saw her my first pregnancy (which sadly ended at 21 weeks). She was NOt very comforting or nuturing. Everytime I asked a question, I felt like she looked at me like I was boring her.  I do LOVE Dr. Dein and Dr. Bernardini ... I also love Dr. Lu.  I will NEVER see Dr. Al-Malah.  (too many reasons to list).
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