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Annoying day- need to vent

First of all, I drove all the way out to Scottish Rite to take Gavin to the ENT for an audiologist appt only to be told they mixed up the schedule and I should have gone to Marietta- which was total crap b/c we went to Marietta last time and they determined that they couldn't do his hearing test there b/c they needed 2 audiologists so we would have to come to the main office.  This is the 3rd frickin time they have sent me to the wrong office so I am done.  The office manager was pretty rude as well so I will also be sending a letter to our doc letting her know exactly WHY we are finding another practice.

Then, I dropped Gavin off at school.  He doesn't do well with any changes to his normal routine so dropping him off late always results in a total meltdown.  He broke my heart this morning :-(

Met DH at the car shop to get my brake rotors replaced only for the mechanic to tell me that it's not necessary as its not a safety issue- just an annoyance.  Well, I'm not dropping $300 on an annoyance.  This was after we had already swapped out the carseats.  Ugh- at least I know he's an honest mechanic so I'm not really too upset about this one.

I was supposed to take the day off to pack but honestly, the thought of moving depresses me so I don't even want to be IN my house staring at all the boxes :-(

So now I'm here at work and I need to nurse Sophie and the child is taking the longest nap EVER.  Seriously, she wouldn't nap for more than 20 min for me yesterday and for them, she's going on 2.5 hrs!  Mommy is going to explode! 

Whew, glad to get that off my chest (or not- whatever).  Go ahead and join in.






Re: Annoying day- need to vent

  • I've been puked on multiple times today.  I am about to take L to the doc and I am afraid she is going to puke all over the car! Ugh.  Oh and she doesn't have any clean clothes left except for what she has on.  I have been playing laundry maid trying to get her some clean clothes before we go.

    All I want to do is take a nap!

     I hope your day gets better!

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  • That's crazy about the ENT office!!! I know we go to the same office and that sucks they've messed up things that bad. I have to take Bryce on Thursday to see Dr. B for his first visit and the appt is at 1040am after Bailey's speech (which is on the 3rd floor of hte same building). Not looking forward to it b/c I know we're going to end up waiting forever.

     Hope your day gets better!!

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  • Come on over to my house.  I have champagne, stuffed mushrooms, artichoke dip and in-laws who missed their flight and won't be here in time to enjoy it while its fresh. 
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