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Infant seat question

How long did you use your infant seat? I am trying to figue out if I should buy Graco Snugride that holds up to 22lbs or the Graco Snugride that holds up to 30lbs? Someone just told me you use the infant seat for 3months then buy a new carseat. I thought we would use ours 6mo-1year then buy a new carseat. I know we would not be carring a 30lb baby in an infant carrier but did you use it solely as a carseat before you bought a new one? I hope this makes sense.  

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  • Go for the bigger one.  I made the mistake of getting the 22 lb one for Gavin and he outgrew it by height at about 5.5 mos.  This is especially problematic if LO isn't sitting up on their own yet- what would you do in a restaurant/grocery store?  So this time, I bought the Chicco Keyfit 30.  Sophie is almost 8 mos and I think we will probably get 1 more month out of it before she hits the 30" height requirement.  I'm fine with that since she is sitting on her own now and we can use a high chair when we go out to eat.  Neither of my kids ever came close to hitting the weight limits- but I know some who did.  We don't really carry it around much anymore- just use it like a normal carseat.  I do have a snap n go, so I just lift it out of the car and right into that whenever we are going to a restaurant or whatever.  The convenience of that thing for a sleeping baby is AWESOME so I want that option as long as possible.






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    We went with the bigger one for Geneva (Chicco Keyfit 30) and I'm glad we did. She actually sized out of it lengthwise by 6 mos. And then we put her in the Britax Marathon.

    Kinda sucked not being able to carry the baby into the house in her carseat, but we adjusted. 

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  • Go for the bigger one. We used ours until DD was about 15 months!
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  • Get the bigger one.  We used her Chicco Keyfit 30 for an entire year before moving to a convertible.  Once she was too heavy to carry, we kept it in the base as the car seat, plus we still used it on plane trips.

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  • Most of the people I know had kids grow out by the height then by weight.

     We have the chicco 32 and used it 7wks with DS1 and 12 wks with DS2. Neither of my boys liked the infant seat. They both screamed in it all times. When out at the store I used a baby k'tan holder to carry the baby. If I took the infant seat in there was no room for anything in the cart whether I was at target or the grocery store.

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  • They are suppose to rear face until 30 pounds so I would defiantly go with the bigger one.  When I moved Ava to the convertible seat she didn't have as much leg room in that seat as she did in her infant carrier and she is short.  I am not sure I know anyone who moved their kid to a convertible seat at 3 months.  Most are in it until at least 1 year old.   
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  • We are still using ours, and we have the 22lb one.  E is just now 19lbs so I am guessing it will probably last to close to a year (although to be honest, she is right at the height limit now).  We did switch to a convertible for DH's car, and honestly I would love to have her in a convertible in mine as well since we don't really carry her around in the infant seat anymore.  She is so heavy, plus she just isn't happy to sit in it for very long so we typically just take her out of it when we are at restaurants, shopping, etc since she likes to sit up on her own in a highchair or the shopping cart.

    That being said, I have 3 friends who have babies the exact same age as E, but boys.  They are all over 22lbs now (two are almost 30!).  So you just never know. I'd probably get the 30lb seat just in case you have a big baby so you can use it as long as possible. 

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  • I'd definitely go with the higher weight limit seat so that you have the option of using it as long as possible.  We had the 22 pound seat for the boys, and they both outgrew it by about 5 months old.  Got the 30 pound seat for Lauren, and plan to leave her in it as long as possible...just so convenient to be able to pop it in the stroller and go, especially with the boys (if I had to carry her then it'd be much harder to chase them down, but with the stroller I can take my hands off it for a minute if I need to pull them off something).  I don't carry it far, and rarely, so it's not a big deal that it's heavy.  The convenience is far more important!!
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