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Carseat blog -- funniest shizz evar.

Dear nesties,

 I don't know if this blog has already been around the block a few times or not. But if not, you need to read this. I can almost promise that you will giggle at least once.

Safe for work, unless your work frowns upon using the F-bomb in blog content. Gratuitously. And then it is very NSFW. Be sure to read the comments at the end.

*** trophy,


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Re: Carseat blog -- funniest shizz evar.

  • OMG Dying. My sweet little PITAS woke up at 5:30 this morning, and I needed that. 
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  • omg, too funny.

     My fave line : "So you had to install the car seat base by threading the seat belt through the base (horrible), then jumping on top of the base and pushing down on it like a suitcase with a dead body inside. Only the seat belt ALWAYS kept giving you slack, unlike all the other times the seat belt decides to ruin your day by *** locking in when you don?t want it to. And you have to do all this in the back of your car when it?s 99 degrees out and your body is DYING. "

    Although you still have to basically jump on top of it for the latch system too.  I now know the kids' seats well enough to install on my own but I absolutely hate it.

  • Love this!  I saw this on another board and was dying laughing!  He's right on.

  • This made me laugh like a crazy person at my desk. Thanks for sharing!
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  • That is so funny. DH will love this. My favorite line:

    And when you take one out of your car, what you find underneath is the horrifying Santorum left behind by a toddler with repugnant manners: animal cracker bits, moldy raisins, odd patches of unexplainable, permanent moisture. It?s like looking under the couch of a heroin addict.

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  • one of the funniest things I've read since I had my 2 f*** trophies LOL


  • I'm tearing up I'm laughing so hard.  Every single word is SO true, down to the fact that I make DH deal with all things carseat - so I'm the one sitting there on my "candy ass" watching him do all the work!  Devil

    The comments are great too - especially this one: 

    You forgot the parts where A), the cover shrinks after you wash it and B), you discover your seat was recalled two years ago for ?occasional severing of fingers.?

    And also "Otto Man's" comment about the invention of the wheely thing that carries car seats.

    ETA: I can't stop reading the comments - just because I keep thinking "that's so true!"  Having to clean the straps after car sickness, having to put the driver/passenger seat so far forward to the car seats can rear face - all so frustrating!

    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • First, any writer who works in the term "Santorum" is full of win in my book. Love it! Second, my H has never once installed or uninstalled any of our car seats. Jerk. Third, this was awesome, I am crying laughing...must go back and read comments now.
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