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Alcohol Question

This probably is a stupid question, but we have only been in WA for a year and our other state never did this.

 So when we went to Walmart tonight DH bought a bottle of wine, but the cashier  didn't just card him.  She carded BOTH of us.  I was just wondering if that was normal bc if they carded both of us then doesn't that mean any parent purchasing alcohol with a child or teenager in tow would have to be carded too?  Or does it mean if I was under 21 he's not allowed to keep alcohol in the house?  

Sorry if this sounds stupid or doesn't make sense. 

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Re: Alcohol Question

  • Weird, never heard of that before. 
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  • It depends on the cashier (or maybe the store?). I don't think that it's law; just them being extra cautious. But, like PP I think it's weird too and don't understand how they would handle someone under 21 being with you.
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    I always get carded if I am with my hubby, and he's buying the alcohol. It's just them being cautious, but it isn't a law. The penalty for selling alcohol to minors is pretty steep, and they are probably just covering their asses. But you'd think that the person of legal age would get popped for contributing, not the store. That's WA for you!
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  • It happens to me all the time when I go with friends who are buying alcohol. They have never not sold alcohol to me if I have my little sister (19) or my daughter with me. My husband says that cashiers can be held liable if they sell to someone they suspect is giving alcohol to minors. Apparently there have been court cases where cashiers have been held liable.
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  • Safeway in Olympia cards DH and I when we buy wine or beer. DH looks younger than he is, which might be why they card him when I'm buying it.
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  • Ditto pp, it's at cashier's discretion.  

    This happened to us when, we bought a bottle of wine to go along with our rotissarie chicken dinner from our regular grocery store (we'd been going there for 3 years).  Since we'd just come from the next door gym and DH was driving, I only had my gym id, the cashier refused to sell us the wine.    

  • It's not a Washington law but some grocery stores do it.

    This used to happen to us in college at the Safeway on 75th in the Roosevelt neighborhood.  Of course, we already knew about it so those of us who were only 20 stood off on our own.

  • This happened to my mom recently, she had my 18 yr old brother whith her and she was buying beer. The cashier refused to sell it to her, "because she could be buying it for him" Luckily the manager intervened and sold my mom the beer.


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