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cystic hygroma

hi ladies- I had my NT scan on Tuesday, and in addition to a very high NT (6.2mm), they diagnosed a septated cystic hygroma. I know the odds aren't good right now and we're waiting on a call from the genetic counseller and specialist to get a CVS asap. Just wondering if anyone on here is dealing with this. I'm so scared, upset, lost right now

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Re: cystic hygroma

  • My heart goes out to you.  Last fall my husband and I found out we had conceived on our honeymoon.  At our 8 wk appointment, the baby was diagnosed with a cystic hygroma.  We opted to do the CVS test to learn if there was chromosomal abnormality that was causing the hygroma.  The Dr. told us from the beginning there is a slim chance the hygroma would disappear on its own.  Our CVS came back negative for any chromosomal abnormalities, which means it was an absolute fluke that our baby had this hygroma.  At our 12 week appointment, they could see fetal hydrops located in the hygroma which was not good.  Soon after, we lost our little one.  There is no reason that this happened.  Two months after our loss, we were surprised to learn we are pregnant again.  The Dr. said the chances of another hygroma were non-existent.  We are blessed that thus far (29 wks) this little one is healthy. 

    I know how you are feeling.  Try to keep your eyes on the horizon and remember that you will get through this.  This hygroma was out of your control.  I will be praying and thinking of you and your little one. 

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  • I too know exactly how you are feeling, and I hope I can offer a little encouragement.

    I had my NT scan at 12w4d, and they found a cystic hygroma.  3.3mm septated.  They wouldn't even run the bloodwork on me b/c they were so convinced it would be abnormal.  I was told that day that there was a 60-75% chance of Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, or one of the other more fatal trisomy disorders.  It was strongly suggested that I do a CVS so we could see what we were dealing with.  Simply terminating the pregnancy was also discussed at this appointment.

    I agreed to the CVS, which was done at 13w1d.  We did FISH testing (rapid results) and everything was NORMAL.  We had to wait another 10 days for the full analysis, which was also normal.  At this point, they said I would just have to wait until 20 weeks and do a detailed anatomy ultrasound.  So we did, and all that was normal.  Also, by this point, the hygroma had completely resolved.  At 22 weeks we did a fetal echo (since they said that about 30% of hyromas are caused by heart problems).  That was also normal. 

    With the CVS sample, you have the option of persuing further testing called genetic microarray, which can test for tons of genetic syndromes.  We wanted to get this done, however the lab "lost" the sample, so it wasn't an option for us.

    After the 22 week echo, the specialist basically dropped our "high risk" status back to a normal level.  We were told we are no more likely than anyone else to have problems with the baby.  They basically said "In all fairness, you WERE told there was about a 5% chance that everything could be normal".  ...........  In doing my own research, I've found out that this condition can actually be quite common & lots of people have them resolve & it means nothing.  Often times the hygroma resolves before 20 weeks, so who knows how many babies have them & no one ever knows (if the mom doesnt get the early screening test). 

    Good luck with everything!  I know it's impossible not to worry (heck I STILL at 33 weeks - I will not relax until she is here) but try not to panic until you find out more details.  Feel free to page me or PM me if you want to talk. 

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    Hello fellow ladies.  I too had a nuchal translucency of 6mm.  When I went for my second ultrasound they measured a 4.2mm nt.  However, that wasn't the part the doctor was concerned about.  There is a severe septated cystic hygroma.  I had the CVS test on Thursday and I should have the FISH test results today.

    I am wondering if QCinOCT had more information on how her pregnancy is going?

    Anyone else out there with a ch on their baby?

    Please send hope and reality....


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