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Toy Suggestions?

I am looking to get some new toys for DS. Any suggestions? He loves music, loves to dance, but is entertained by the simplest things.
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Re: Toy Suggestions?

  • Opps, for got to put that down! He will be 17 months on the 27th.
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  • Train table, big trucks, wooden peg puzzles, little people house or farm. Cooper likes to play with any an all cars or trucks. We have a match box type parking garage that has been his favorite for a long time. I wouldn't have gotten it at his age but Ben already had it. We do bowling with a ball and empty two liter bottles. Big fire trucks. Oh and the Lego blocks that are bigger than duplos.
  • DD loves any kind of ball, the ring stacker thing, little piano. She also is getting into pretend play and really likes play food/dishes and her doll house with little people. Old magazines that I don't care about are another favorite. She will spend 20 minutes flipping through them sometimes. She also likes her "purse" that she put things in and takes things out of all the time. Maybe a backpack for a boy?
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  • Maybe you could make him some musical blocks - I used to make them all the time for kids at daycare, and they loved them!

    Take a box from anything - cereal, milk carton, toilet paper tube, etc. - and fill it with rice, beans, other cardboard bits, jingle bells, springs, you get the idea.  Tape it shut with masking tape.  If you want to get fancy, you can paint them or put nice paper/contact paper on them to make them look less like boxes that are taped shut.  However, kids that age rarely seemed to care if they looked pretty or not, unless their favorite animal was on it.

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  • My sister gave N this for Christmas last year.  He was 22mo when he got it so I suspect a 17mo would still like it.  It is still his favorite toy 7 months later.
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