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My morning confession

I drank WAY too much at my sister's wedding last night. I took full advantage of all the people wanting to hold W and that I didn't have to drive. Id like to think nobody noticed but I get a little chatty when I've been drinking and I'm Normally pretty quiet. I have a hang over this morning but I'm not admitting it. I'm trying to to rock W to sleep for a nap But I feel motion sick now! I haven't been hung over in years.

Re: My morning confession

  • Yuck. :o( Good luck today! That was me last weekend.....not fun.
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  • Sadness. I hope you feel better. Sprite or Ginger Ale always works for me when I have been hungover.
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  • I hear that pedialite works wonders for hangovers.
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  • Being hung over with a baby is a million times harder!!! Hope you're starting to feel a little better!
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  • I hear the alka seltzer + gatorade combo works miracles. 

    And that is awesome, you totally deserved a night to drink!  [Although it's better if it's not at a stressful family event and you are on baby duty the next am]

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