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Dr. Park and Dr. Alkass at the UCONN Health Center are very nice, but avoid Dr. Walsh.  He is extremely arrogant!  When I asked him if I would be tested for gestational diabetes again before leaving the hospital he was short with me and said I'm not going to do it.  I asked him when I could resume a normal diet and he said as far as he is concerned I can eat a box of donuts right after the delivery...I was like um, one might be nice, but isn't a box a bit excessive... I don't eat poorly anyways and resent that comment.  When I asked him how bad the recovery from the C-section would be he said to me, "That depends on how big of a wuss you are."  That really didn't answer my question either.  He also told me that I would be a good candidate for a c-section.  When I asked him why that was he told me that it is because I am not 400 pounds.  Then he went on to tell me that I should be walking 2 miles a day everyday beginning now...I am almost 8 months pregnant and it was my impression that you should never begin a new exercise program while pregnant.  This guy is a total jerk and I am seriously considering reporting him to the hospital.  I wont be seeing him again!

 If you want a great OBGYN go see Dr. Ursula Steadman located at 499 Farmington, Avenue, Farmington, CT.  She is amazing.  The only reason why I am no longer with her is because she only delivers at St. Francis in Hartford and I didn't want to go there.

Re: UCONN Health Center OBGYN's

  • Thanks for this info! I also wanted to deliver at UConn Health Center (my father works there, I have to show loyalty!) and my first appt with Dr. Park is tomorrow.

     I haven't seen any of the OB doctors there yet, but if you had that bad of an experience with Dr. Walsh I think it's perfectly ok for you to mention it to someone there. Perhaps he was having a bad day, we all do...but if his horrible bedside manner is a regular thing, I'm sure they would want to know.

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  • I went to the Uconn Health Center OBGYNs and delivered my DD there.

    I agree that Dr. Walsh does not have a very good bedside manner. I dealt with Dr. Walsh and Dr. Alkass the most during my pregnancy. My DH liked Dr. Walsh because according to DH he was more science based (at least that was what he felt during our appointments). My DH went to all of my appointments with me so it's possible Dr. Walsh contained himself with the ruder comments. I wasn't a big fan of Dr. Alkass, my DD had some growth issues and Dr. Alkass upset me with his over reaction (at least that was how it felt to me) of what was going on. I left a lot of my appointments with him in tears (I'm sensitive to begin with). Dr. Alkass delivered DD and I didn't have any trouble with him then. Dr. Park I met while in labor with DD and I liked him, I think if there is a next time I would prefer to deal with Dr. Park. I met Dr. Bowers after I had DD and I liked her as well. Dr Steadman used to be apart of the practice at UCONN.  There were two other Dr.s, that when I first started at UCONN, were there, but now they are gone.

    I also dealt with the Maternal Fetal Department and could tell you about the Drs. in that department as well.

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  • Since I last wrote, I've seen both Dr. Park and Dr. Walsh and I wanted to say that I loved Dr. Park and Dr. Walsh was great too. Yes, he is more clinical, but there's nothing wrong with that - we had hardly any wait time to see him, he got right to the point and answered all my questions.

    I think there's something to be said for doctors that may not try to be your best friend, but that's only because they're very focused on doing a good job. And honestly, when it comes to my baby's health I don't care how chatty the doctor is.

    So far, I'm quite pleased with the docs at the UConn Healthcenter.

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  • I don't need them to be my friend, that is not what I expect.  I could definitely do without the sarcasm and rude remarks.  The man didn't even answer any of my questions.
  • Not answering your questions IS definitely a problem. I wonder why our perceptions of him were so different?

    It's a shame you can't just chose 1 doc to see exclusively there.

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  • I don't know...maybe he was having a bad day, but if possible I don't plan to see him again to find out.  I am going back to my old gynecologist after this.  I never would have left if she hadn't only delivered at St. Francis.  I am glad that you had a good experience with him though...

  • I found this link where other people are rating him...some of the things on here are pretty bad....


  • Hi - I'm wondering why you didn't want to go to St. Francis?  I am in the stage of looking for hospitals, and we are going to St Francis next week.  Thanks for any help you can offer!  :)
  • Dr Walsh is a hack. He delivered my son on September 12 1998. I pushed for 2 and a half hours before he would help. He was very rude to me. He asked if he can give me an episitomy and I replied that I would prefer not. He asked again forcefully that if he needs to can he? I again replied I would prefer not. He asked one more time in a very angry tone and I said that he has to do what he has to do but I would prefer not. He then proceeded to cut me hole to hole right through without even the benefit of any sort of numbing agent. My husband said it sounded like a rubber band. He then practically sat on my stomach and extracted my son with the vacuum device. He forgot to remove my placenta until I reminded him. I was in so much pain and trauma after the birth of my first child that they needed to sedate me and I didnt even want to hold my baby for more than a minute. The next morning, the nurses asked me to use the restroom. I told them I had just gone and they felt my bladder and said that I needed to go. They catheterized me and I had 800 ccs in me that I could not feel. They looked at my insition and said "No wonder you cant go...your a mess down here". From that day on, for the next 7 years I had one bladder infection a month. I went to doctor after doctor to try and find out why...all along I knew it was Dr Walsh who did something to me. I was diagnosed with 2 disorders I never believed after countless diagnostic surgeries and event after I had to endure acid poured in my bladder. I never believed those diagnoses becasue they were out of despriration to give me answers. I just recently found out that I have "Imcomplete bladder emptying syndrome", a condition that is a break in teh nerves that controls bladder function and can be caused by large episiotomys and pelvic trauma. Other causes can be diabetes, herniated discs and parkinsons disease...all of which I dont have, I have been trying to find one doctor man enough to say Dr Walsh is at fault for my now lifelong condition that causes me pain, sleep deprivation and loss of quality of life and with this new diagnosis I believe I can do that. Unfortunately it is too late to sue but that is not my fault. It has taken me 13 years just to get a proper diagnosis. Please dont let this man touch you. I see others have issues with his bed side manner as well. He should never be allowed to touch women again.
  • image ErikaFleury:

    Not answering your questions IS definitely a problem. I wonder why our perceptions of him were so different?

    It's a shame you can't just chose 1 doc to see exclusively there.


    You totally can!  I saw Dr. Park pretty much exclusively my entire pregnancy.  My first appointment was with Dr. Walsh, and I didn't care too much for him.  I also saw Dr. Alkass towards the end and liked him as well, he's who delivered my son via scheduled c/s.  I would always request Dr. Park and the receptionists were more than willing to accommodate me :)

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