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CT, I have a carrier question for you :o)

I noticed in yesterdays pics that you have (what looks like?) an Ergo and a mei tai, which do you prefer? 

I've been eyeing the Ergo's for awhile but it would be a splurge, a mei tai is more in my price range but I'm not sure it would last as long weight-wise. 

Re: CT, I have a carrier question for you :o)

  • I definitely prefer the ergo - its our go-to carrier and only use the mei tai when we plan to wear both girls. I find it more comfortable especially for RB (and DW will occasionally wear Sprout on her back which i cant imagine she'd be able to do in the mei tai).  So that's my .02 :)

    eta: to give another opinion, Two also has both and she's mentioned that she prefers the mei tai for back carries since its more adjustable and she can get it up higher.

  • Thanks!  J has a bad back and shoulders so I think the Ergo would be better for her but she has been insistent on getting a mei tai.  I might just have to really splurge and get both.
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  • ::buttingin::  Yes, I have both and like them for different reason.  I have major back issues (broke a couple vertebrae years ago) and I MUCH prefer the mei tai for back carries.  The reason - I can carry LO in a high back carry with the mei tai.  For me the weight is higher up and distributed better.  In a way it's actually theraputic as she sort of pulls my shoulders back.

    The ergo on the hand puts more weight on my waist and shoulders.  It doesn't hug LO to my body as closely. This may be different for someone a bit bigger than I, but I don't feel as though I can ever pull the ergo tight enough for a back carry.  And because of that the weight feels like it droops or pulls me down.

    I like the ergo for front carries when I need LO to fall asleep.  I also like the ergo for plane and train travel because it's eaiser to snap a carrier on when seated than it is to criss-cross straps.  Plus, when traveling on a plane or train I carry LO in front.

    You  may want to see if you have a slingbabies chapter near you.  Our local one allows users to rent different carriers for as little as $10 a month. If J has back issues it might be worth renting the different ones and having her see what works best for her.


  • Oh, and babysteals often has the ergo as the steal of the day.  That's where I got mine, for around $65.

  • chiming in....mostly lurk, but sometimes post....

    We have TONS of slings.....and by far the ergo is my DW's fav.  But for me, I have narrow shoulders, and the thing always feels like it is slipping off....even pulling the top strap tight doesn't help.  I would try one out before buying just for that reason, so I never wear it.

    The beco is suppose to be very similar to the ergo, but narrower, I haven't tried one out yet, but it is on my list!!!!  Good luck!

  • I have the beco.  I am very short torsoed and it fits me great.  I used a friend's ergo the other day and was surprised at how different they felt.  I love my beco and look forward to slapping the girl in when we are in p-town next week.  Look for cute pictures of ct and I with babies on our backs!
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    Oh, and babysteals often has the ergo as the steal of the day.  That's where I got mine, for around $65.

     Thanks!  Our local kids boutique has Baby Hawks (this is what J wants) and Ergos among others.  They have the weighted dolls so you can try the carriers with a "baby" in them.  I might get J to go tomorrow to try them, if she likes the Ergo I will keep an eye out for them at babysteals.

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